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  1. ronquera


    Wow, we seem to have gone a little overboard. Hehe. I appreciate all the input. ESPECIALLY the input that had ANYTHING to do with scouting. Thanks Yours in Scouting, David McCaughtry DL ACM MSGT (??-HEHE) PEON
  2. I think we may be lucky in that very few parents actually appreciate these leaders. We just wish the situation didn't have an adverse affect on the kid's lives.
  3. Baseball bats? hmmmm, I like it! A lot more subtle than my trip-wires and claymore mines.
  4. Thanks for all the input. The CM and I (I am the Assistant CM) will take all of your posts to heart. Unfortunately we don't have an active leadership structure so we may have to lay down the law on behalf of the CO. Good input "guys"
  5. The problem is that our DE seems like he wants to avoid the problems. is there a policy in place that addresses how to discipline adult leaders? We would rather not run these folks off because they CAN be good leaders if they ever realize it is about the kids not them. She in-particular seems to be trying to live vicariously through her boy. They just need to understand that the CM has 7 years experience and knowledge.
  6. Is there a BSA policy on how to discipline Adult Leaders? We have a couple leaders (married) that don't listen to the Cub Master or Assistant Cub Master. They have been Leaders for about five months and we have warned them about smoking in front of the kids. They think that, because they went to the leader's training at the council bldg, and somehow decided to go to CM training one of them wears a cubmaster patch. We've told them about other infractions but they selectively break the rules and criticize others for breaking other rules. Is there a BSA progressive discipline policy? Counseling forms? I have suggested to the CM that she start documenting verbal counseling and move up from there but where do we move up to? According to BSA policy? (sorry for rambling)
  7. Did I "hear" wolfmama500 correctly?! The CM doesn't want recruiting?? Why in the world? Is the CM aware that they are down to 20 kids?
  8. Did I "hear" wolfmama500 correctly?! The CM doesn't want recruiting?? Why in the world? Is the CM aware that they are down to 20 kids?
  9. Did I "hear" wolfmama500 correctly?! The CM doesn't want recruiting?? Why in the world? Is the CM aware that they are down to 20 kids?
  10. ronquera

    Small Pack

    Evidently we had a large(ish) pack a couple years ago but it dwindled...hopefully my enthusiasm will be contagious...I am asking the CM about having an "invite-a--friend" family picnic for fun and maybe recruitment.
  11. Thanks all...I knew I had seen that somewhere
  12. the Bear requirements have "earn the whittlin chip" but I seem to remember seeing somewhere in my training that a wolf could be allowed to have a pocket knife(in an official book-it had a graph on when the boys can do what)... Even though it is bear req. can a wolf earn his card too? Is there anything saying they can not?
  13. ronquera

    Small Pack

    I just joined the cub scouts... ah-hem, I mean my SON just joined...We have such a small pack (Three boys when my son and 4 other boys joined a couple months ago) that it is not practical to split into dens (yet?) We have 8 boys from 1st grade through 4th and we are trying to have a program that can be both capable of signing off tiger-webelos on accomplishment in their books AND engaging for such a wide range of ages. Any suugestions?
  14. ronquera


    Thanx. you guys/gals rock!
  15. ronquera


    New Den Leader here...Can someone please give me a modest list of acronyms used in these forums...I am thoroughly confused by some of the posts. CO = Chartering org CC = Committee chair DL = Den Leader G2SS = guide to safe scouting DC = District chair? ok...those are easy IWL? CSDC? LNT? UC? I am sure I saw many more I don't know...HELP!
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