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  1. I guess my dilemna is that the parents are not concerned with the crossover as much as the pomp and circumstance of the AOL ceremony. And they boys are getting bored so they are yearning to do Boy Scout things. So, I guess I will talk to the Cubmaster and parents about moving them up in November and having a nice AOL Ceremony in February to make the parents happy.
  2. I have a bit of a pickle here. I have a new Cubmaster, she took over for me so I could focus on the Troop; and she has done a wonderful job planning the year but she never planned the WeBeLoS to Boy Scout / Arrow of Light Ceremony until May of next year. I have six boys ready to cross over next month and the first open night we have for it is February. I could just hand out the award but I feel to not do a special ceremony leesens its importance. Would it be fair and acceptable to cross them over into the Troop in November and do the official Crossover in February? I would of course apply
  3. Let's face it - September - October - November is shot for most of us. I hate the idea but the first weekend of December would probably be ideal for Training. It would give us time to recruit new leaders, get them situated with their YPT and have them with BSA ID Numbers. It would allow everybody to have a chance to catch their breath and not be overwhelmed. And before anybody asks, yes I have submitted this idea multiple times.
  4. @ Basementdweller My Council has it set up that way. Popcorn return day is actually the same day as UoS and they are in two opposite ends of the Council at the same time. That is why I wonder if they know how to use calendars.
  5. Pet peeve of mine for the past few years and I am curious if anybody else experiences this. September, we spend the month organizing,recruiting and preparing for 5 weekends of popcorn sales. October is Popcorn (for us) with 1 weekend off before two weeks collecting food for the needy. Our Council has been using this 1 weekend off for University of Scouting!? There are 6 or 7 months with barely anything on the District or Council Calendars. This leads me to the conclussion that they cannot read calendars. Any thoughts or comments?
  6. Don't know; but what I am catching grief over is basically being a "whistle blower". When I see practices that seem out of place I say something. And the DE gets upset because others who were afraid to speak out speak out now.
  7. Not yet. Since so many things are not in writing with the BSA I thought I would the brains of the fine people here and get some experienced guideance.
  8. My question is, will a Council redraw the lines of a District for this ?
  9. In our case it is city vs city. Our neighborhoods are very seperated and territorial. In my case, we are on the border of a neighboring District. Their Roundtable is 5 minutes away vs 30. Plus the closest units to mine are in the other District, 2 miles away instead of 15 miles.
  10. In our ever changing world Councils and Districts are constantly merging and lines are changing. We just had a District Level Merger and all of the units near me are in a different district. I know I can go to whatever Roundtable I wish but I would prefer to go to my own District's. That being said; is there anyway for my unit to join another District officially. This is not for political reasons, head butting or anything else. It is 100% based on geographic location.
  11. @The Blancmange First, thank you for that very clear reply. As the OP, it was Item# 2 and I thought it seemed extreme. I would like to find this in text because I have heard this type of strong arming in many Districts and a few Councils now. Thanks for everybody's help.
  12. @The Blancmange I was told, in NO uncertain terms that organizing units to go elsewhere would be considered mutiny and I would be immediately dismissed by my DE. I don't believe that he has the authority. I also enjoyed the fact that he used the Military Term of Mutiny since he has constantly reminded me that we are not a military type organization. (LOL)
  13. Thank God! I felt alone in this boat. I have had my BSA membership threatened and told it was within the SE and DE's authority to do so. I have checked every publication I can find but the only person I found that has the ability to do so is the COR. Unless there is a youth protection violation (criminal act) involved. Professionals get their pet projects, and even long time volunteers; they run a committee so long that it becomes kingdom. They believe this tenure grants them (in their egos) king like powers. From time to time situations need to be re-evaluated from the outsid
  14. A little more specific: A cubmaster disagrees with a location for a council event. Many people disagree with the location but since it is all individual voices they are silenced and told only they dislike the location. When one person decides to get a petition started they are told by their DE that they are wrong for organizing the voices to show that it is not one person but many. The DE threatens to remove the person from BSA even though the volunteer is still willing to support the event and help at the event to make it successful. The reason why the volunteer did this is because l
  15. Who and under what circumstances can a volunteer be dismissed. I know for a violation of Youth Protection. Any other circumstances?
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