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  1. Dan and all, Thanks for the advice, and Yes I have been warned about the rainy season. But such is the nature of the Philmont Lottery. Doing what I can to make the scouts prepared. HHS
  2. Troop is going to Philmont this August (12 -21) We have conflicting recomendaions of what temperature rating of sleeping bags we should advise the scouts to bring. Philmont indicates that temperatures range from 90F to 30F depending upon elevation. More than a few have advised to get 20F bags. Is that advisable for middle of August? Doing what I can to keep this a "thrifty" trip. What say the Philmont Guru's? HHS
  3. Our Troop was just notified that we also will have two crews for Coral Reef sailing. June 23 -29 2007 Just begining the sign up within the troop this week. Troop 8 Chester County Council (PA) HHS
  4. We are here in the middle of mega money suburbia. Cable tv bill among neighbors is 75 to 150 $ each month. We do not have cable or satilite. We get the three major stations and PBS. Just fine with us. We have a teenage son and daughter. They have thier Playstation, and we get 2-3 movies a month from Netflicks, mostly for the kids and my wife. Then again I am SM. And I found out what BSA meant by "hour a weeK"..... an hour a week per scout.... I have 29. HHS
  5. Welcome KSscoutmom, As per all of the posters, Scouting is a Great program. And very safe. The questions you ask, are the ones that should be asked of the adult leaders in the Pack or Troop. Another way for your fears/questions to be answers is to get involved with Scouting. You set the limits, a Scoutmaster and Comittee will accomidate you. Soon you will be answers these same questions. Scouting is for life. We often portray that it is a program for boys, but I know many adults who have gotten alot out of the scouting program for themselves to use in everday life. Rec
  6. In our troop we allow any scout to sign off on an advancement skill as long as there is one rank separating them. ie. 1st Class signs off on a Tenderfoot going for 2nd Class, etc. Time in POR, attendance is ASM signature. Then onto SM conference, and BOR. HHS
  7. At this point in the process something like that needs to documented in a written format. Mail or email, with only the neccessary copies. In the message it must be cleary what the expectation are , have been, and will always be. Active: Our troop. 50% of weekly meetings, and 50% of trips/outings within the YEAR. AND performing his Position of Responsibility. If he has not been a involved with the troop, how can the SM sign of on the POR part? Also, point of clarification, he is asking for his final project approval. Enough hours, Benifiting organization satisfied and sig
  8. First, my sympathy for you and your son. I'll be bold, if you are not willing to be CM or CC, then jump ship. Those persons and the COR have the responsibility to straighten things out in cases like this. Start thinking long term: The goal at this stage is to have your son join a Scout Troop. Interview Scout troops in your area, ask them what packs feed them, and thier opinion on those packs. You have the gift of time to work on this. Cub scouts and Scouting needs to fun at some level. Yes, there is that "hour a week" (ha) for adults leaders. But if your son sees that you ar
  9. The positions are the positions. I am against creating any unlisted positions of leadership, as indicated in some of the above messages you do not want to get into a grey area with a Scouts POR for his advancment to Eagle. If the boys did not vote that scout into a postion, then he needs to approach the SM for a project, or wait till the next opening. With repect to Eagle's to JASM, YES, but I would look at thier maturity, under age 16 iffy, above that fine in our experiance. But most of all have a program, and provide encouragement. HHS
  10. Well we take a different approach. Medical records are the proprety of each family/scout. After summer camp or a high adventure they are returned. If there is a trip that requires a physical during the year the scout will need to turn in a copy with the trip permission slip. And again, returned after the trip/event. Naturally, like all permission slips we have a section for medications or limits on activities, and who to contact in the event of an emargency. Our Trip announcments indicated the type of activity and minimum requirments. Very interesting topic. HHS
  11. Troop has been around since 1943. The first Eagle did not happen until the early 1960's. We have 37 Eagles to date. For the last 10 years it has averaged about 1 per year. Troop size has been between 20 and 30 yearly. We take in 6-8 new scouts each year, but that varies greatly, as we are in competion with 5-6 other troops within a 10 mile radius. Most long timers will agree that with the program change in the late 70's, the 2% has become 4-6 %. But one thing for sure, it is about the program. The Cub to Boy transition, and then maintaining the older scouts through high school. All t
  12. Camp Horseshoe as mention is steeped in tradition. And as mention books early. Our troop summer camps at Camp Ware. There are only two Boy Scout weeks at Camp Ware, first and second week of July each year. Camp Ware is primarily set up for Cubs-Webelo's in the summer, and for training. At Ware, troops have the option of dinning hall meals or outposting for the full week. Camp Ware offers most MB's as Horseshoe, but not all, the older scouts have access to the Horseshoe COPES and Mtn. bike program. The Wood carving and Indian Lore classes are instruted by a 20+ year teacher who
  13. gwd-scouter, Congratulations, and hope you can see things through. Might I suggest backpacking trips, 3-4 times a year. Backpacking trips will focus the scouts on essential gear, patrol camping, and the OUTING in Scouting. Backpacking is also a great venue for a whole host of scouting skills up to 1st Class, and then of course Camping, Backpacking MB's. The trips do not have to be long, but make sure there are great views, or an activity at the end of the day's trek. These days many troops have SM changes due to job transfers, and other personal changes. But if the adult leaders o
  14. The scouts in our troop voted to wear only a troop designed T shirt for regular weekly meeting. The SPL will from time to time call a Scout Uniform inspection, that is the offical scout uniform. Naturally for all public, council, and national events the uniform is worn. We are a troop of 25, and we get on average 20 scouts each week, and this includes our senior scouts. They come from thier sports activies, grab a burger, and don the T shirt. They are at the meeting, and thier presance does have an impact with the younger scouts. At times I would like to see them in the uniform mor
  15. Our troop provides tents and patrol boxes full of gear. It provides a high level of uniformity to our troop. The scout tents are EUREKA "4man", but we assign two per tent. A) We truley make the Troop QM amd PQM earn thier leadership. B) It does reduce the cost of scouting for most families. C)We have a good fundrasing system in the community which allows us to provide this level of troop equipment. Be it also disclosed we have troop bus, which could be a whole thread unto itself. HHS
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