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  1. Wow let me go into detail and see if I can answer some questions. -First of all Im not looking for support or to cause controversy, Im just curious to see if there is any other troop without class A (defined by me as a typical beige shirt with badges and patches etc.) uniforms. -I am a senior in high school, soon to be Eagle Scout(waiting for board). I dont know of many other scouts my age. Most have either become an Eagle and have left or they quit several years after joining because of the *scouts is for dorky kids* attitude that a typical teenage guy has. Lets face it, most high school
  2. I am in a troop that chooses to not wear Class A uniforms until their Eagle Boards and Ceremonies. Once a year, we attend scout camp and wear a Class B (red polo shirt with the scout logo on it) to dinner and campfire. We come to troop meetings and campouts in plain clothes. Are there ANY other troops that operate like this?
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