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  1. I know that joke, someting about a tent flap being thrown open when a native american child is born.
  2. Sorry I left out half of the advice to the Eagle canidate. The quote should have been above or below( Your boss/the people who work for you, Your profesors/your students) I have no problem with the boys calling me by my first name(which is not Andrew, it's Dave)when talking to me the problem came up when the canidate refered to one of the leaders who was an inspiration by first name in a question during a mock BOR. The parent's point was treating everyone with respect. Showing respect to those who look up to you as a role model and in returning showing respect to those people you look up to.(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)
  3. In our troop all the leaders are usually called by Mr.Smith or Mrs. Jone etc by the boys. The leader and adults call each other by first name and refer to each other to the scouts as Mr. or Mrs. Some times the boys who have been in the troop for some time or Know a leader outside of scouting will refer to that leader by first name. It came up at a pre-Eagle board of review that the canidate would be better off in life if he refered to anyone he came in contact with above him by formal title to show respect, No nicknames or Mr./Mrs.first name. What is the feeling of the forum on this subject?
  4. Are there medals available for all the awards that there are knots for?(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)
  5. I HAD been hoping to get a Red wool jac with the money my folks gave for christmas but I'm not sure I want to spend that much money on a coat I wouldn't wear every day. Are they that great? I know they are a staple with the "old guard scouters" in this council but I wonder if I'll ever get enough wear out of it, I'm already close to 40 and only have 4 or 5 decades left on this earth. I should have bought it back when I was a scout and I would have had it 1/2 worn in by now.
  6. After being introduced to people you tell them you used to be an animal and a good old animal too.
  7. Scouts 12 active 8-10 Patrols 2 In council camp yes yes yes no no yes word of mouth no n/a yes All active parents (for insurance) working towards
  8. I joined The Girl scouts as a leader this fall to help my wife and daughters troop get into more outdoor endevors. I had always viewed the gs as sitting around indoors and doing more"Girly things" than the boy scouts. This opinion changed last weekend when the lady who did my training invited me and my daughter to a "Adventure Diva" meeting. We met several girls from the council who were really into outdooor stuff(high ropes, orienteering meets, winter camping in the boundry waters area) Man, were my eyes opened.
  9. andrewcanoe


    I'm here too!! Just got back from the Cadette/Senior troop I have the pleasure and good fortune to led's Christmas slumber party this weekend.(Don't worry, I slept elsewere) The girls decided to to go to Europe as their BIG trip in the summer of 2006.
  10. Sign me up The bickering clogs up this valuable asset to leaders. If people would read the entire post/thread and read between the lines a little most of the miscommunication would end. Both parties involved need to be less ornery!!!
  11. Cold is temps in the teens(above or below zero) Alot of snow is 6-12 inches in a storm As far as interstates go Iowa landscape is too breathtaking to drive by at 70 mph
  12. The troop I work with asks these questions during the BOR as a reminder that everyone needs to work on scut spirit, it is a goal that can never be completely obtained because there is always room for improvement. "How do you live the points of the scout law and show scout spirit in your day to day life away from the troop meeting?" We then follow up with "How can you show more?"
  13. Nei1Lup: Thanks that's what Ive been trying to get out of you guys ,Stuff you tried and that went belly up and created a learning moment for you and one you could pass on.
  14. Bob: Just looking to avoid some pitfalls and maybe share a few funny stories around the campfire. I'm not looking for negative things just thought I could get some practical advice from some respected peers other than follow the BSA rules and regulations ,that goes without saying. I'm looking for the stuff they don't teach you in training. I'm wondering If some of you have favorite activities or ledgend in your troop. We had a leader put on the wrong pair of shoes at an event and he hasn't been able to live it down and this occured in'99 (hide your shoes ,Here comes ******,you know he's always looking for a good pair of broke in boots.)
  15. I really appreciate all the advice but I haven't seen any "Don't do this,I did and it went terrible wrong" stories. Now I know some of you are perfect and never make mistakes but how about the rest of you? Do you have a favorite mis-adventure that is famous in your troop or district? I think it would be great to hear about Mr. Steele soaping the inside of a pot Or FOG scaring the troop with his snoring(Both just examples, I have no Knowledge of either thing happening).
  16. Thanks for all the advice. The retiring SM is stepping down to assume a more active part on his church commitee, and will no doubt welcome the "vacation". I have the SM handbook and have read it but am still working on the memorization. The Troop was two former SMs, a husband and wife, who have had much more training than I (Phimont,national camp school, wood badge staff)and are at most of the meetings. I've got my eye on a couple of the dads, both Eagle scouts as possible ASMs. The troop also has some Eagle scouts that are appoaching their 18th birthday that would make excellant ASMs.
  17. I am being handed the reins to the troop I serve starting in January and am wondering what advice the sages of these pages could give me on be a great scoutmaster. I've been ASM, advancement chair , and Cubmaster in the past.I have been to wood badge and am currently working my ticket.
  18. What is the best/most original/most memorable/ most touching eagle project that you have seen?(other than your own) I ask this for a couple of reasons 1.These project might inspire others scouts to excel and "go the extra mile. 2.The troop I serve has a number of boys that are coming up on Eagle and will be submiting projects and I would like a yardstick to measure their projects against.
  19. In the troop I serve the adults pay their own dues. The troop will repay half of all training fees upon completion and pays for 2 leaders at summer camp. Other adults go as SOS(scouter on staff) and work for their stay or pay out of their pockets.
  20. I think the best person for the job should be the one who gets the job. Only problem being boys of a certain age think a female staff member's dream date would be a boy 4-5 years younger. These boys spend too much time in the female staff members area even if they have all the badges avalible there. I've only had one bad experience with a female staff member.( I heard she quit the next week.)She did not have a scouting background and only joined scouting to work at the camp as a medic. All the other females I have met on staff have been top notch(but then again so is the camp)
  21. Some of my favorites from my council are (walk on the)Sunnyside The German Orchestra Bananas don't grow alone Scout vespers
  22. WOW, we sure have some real dedicated scouters here!!(NOT an insult, I hope to be involved with scouting just as long). I had a long break between scout and scouter also. The funny thing is I almost joined the unit I now serve years earlier when I was first married and had no kids but thought that it was most likly run by some "old, set in their ways" Scouters who wouldn't welcome me.(the troop had been founded a year before by a guy a couple of years older, that I had known while I was in scouting). Man, do I regret not looking into it back then.
  23. I thought it might be interesting to find out how many years of experience did it take for all my fellow forum members to become so wise? I spent 9 years as a youth and am on my 7th year as an adult.
  24. I just got back from a differant thread where I realized that Joni was not a youth member. Sorry ,it must be my inability to gauge the age of member on this forum. I was under the impression that she was a "under 21 female" and was not being allowed into a crew.
  25. At the risk of sounding sexist or even stupid, Perhaps the advisor in the crew Joni wants to join has been unable to find a female advisor or feels uneasy having young women along and does'nt think HE could handle the added challenge he thinks would come with female members. It is also posible that the crew is against female members because of their(the crew members) insecurities. Not all male are as open minded as FOG and the members of OutdoorThinker's crew. Personally I think the crew is the one missing out. Joni should organize her own co-ed crew and shine the pants off of the crew that won't let her join. Revenge is sweet.
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