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  1. I am a stay at home dad I was diagnosed with a heart disorder at the age of 16. In 1983 my health took a very sharp downturn and I ended up at Stanford Hospital in the heart transplant program ,6 weeks later I had a healthy "new" heart beating in my chest. I do donate as much time and energy as I can to church, scouting and my childrens school.
  2. Yes, do take wood badge. I'm in the process of working my ticket and after completing the "classroom part" I felt even more gung ho and feel that I'm a better leader already. Eagle patrol of c-51-03 walks proud ,flies high and is going to train until we die.
  3. Mark9750: I'm thinking 53(9/7/50) Bsat4jb: I wasn't sure but I'll bet your unit is troop 4 For anyone on the forum: what do you call a person who has completed the wood badge course but not the ticket yet? When can they say they have done wood badge ,when they get their beads?
  4. Dave I think the Christmas tree knot in question is the adult Arrow of light award not the James West fellowship.
  5. I have been trying to figure out the age of the posters on this site, but everytime I think I know how old someone is they post some thing that blows my guess out of the water.(like being a Jethro Tull fan or remembering events that happened before I thought that person was even born) I think this might suprise quite a few of us.If anyone is brave enough to post their real age,great,otherwise just an approximate age group.(IE:I recieved my Eagle in 19xx.) For the record I was born in July of 1964.
  6. The only time the scouts in our troop are allowed to use radios with headphones is after lights out. The only reason they are allowed at all is some unfounded complaints about chainsaw noises coming from certain tents that happened to be occupied by leaders or some such nonsense.
  7. Man-o-Steele: I was not commenting on the price and/or durability of scout uniform pants but more on the people who were and then rallying behind another item that cost about twice as much and in my opinion would(not could)be worn less often. FOG:The kilt IS a striking look, it's just not one I would embrace.Call me what you will but I'm happy in my official BSA shorts and long pants.I don't think kilts would go over as well in the state of Iowa as in your home state whereever that may be.
  8. Why are these things so expensive? I've heard complaints about the price of "offical" scout pants and yet many of you are jumping on this Kilt's bandwagon. Would they last that much longer? (I'm not trying to be smart, just trying to learn.)
  9. FOG: Sorry if I upset you with my remarks about you kilts. If you want to wear one, Go for it. Adrianvs: The remark about sheep confused me too. It also quite frankly suprised me coming from a scouter.
  10. I reached star scout and returned to scouting 15 years later as CM and now serve as ASM but have heard that the SM of the unit I serve is steping down and I will fill his shoes soon.
  11. Even after the attack from FOG, I still do not like the look of the kilt, the same way that I do not like the look of a larger scouter in the old style shorts. It has nothing to do with nationality or ethnic pride, I wouldn't approve of 'official BSA' halter tops for female venture crew members. Not to mention the child protection issues that would arise if kilts were worn in the traditional way.
  12. IMHO, those look like something that shold be in GSUSA catalog.
  13. I use to be an Eagle and a good Eagle too, even if I didn't reach the rank of Eagle as a boy.
  14. To stray off of the exact topic, how often should a BOR occur for a scout that is not advancing? ie: star in 2002, still not life
  15. When I mentioned mixing up the patrols every year or so it is done more to even up the patrols and add to a patrol that has lost the majority of it's active members to the 3p's(perfume,petroleum and paycheck). A patrol does not get much done if only 2 or 3 pre-1st-class members attend troop meetings on a regular basis.
  16. The troop I was in as a youth used the stock patrol name and changed them every year when we mixed up rosters of the patrols. The troop I serve as ASM at present starts with the stock list of patrol names but embelish them such as the Soaring Eagles or the Flaming Lightning Bolts. The advantage to this is there are patrol patches available.
  17. Although I am Technically a baby-boomer,(July,1964), I consider my self a gen-x-er. I am an ASM,recently joined on as an advisor for my dauters Girl scout studio2B group,activly support sons High school basketball team and my daughters high school band,teach sunday school and help my autistic son with his homework on a nightly basis. What's in all of this for me? The same thing that was in it for all those born before me. PRIDE In any organization there are those that do and those that don't but if everyone did there would be too many chiefs and not enough indians.(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)
  18. Just like OGE 's ax,I have a wheelbarrow I inherited from my grandfather, replaced the wheel 3 times the bucket twice and the handles once..LOL(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)
  19. Offensive jokes are offensive no matter where or when they are told . It dosn't matter if a member of that group is present or not. The word should go out at a roundtable or other adult meeting that this kind of behavior is occuring at a gathering of "Honor campers",then the leaders can address it at individual troop and crew meetings.
  20. Our Troop carrys our carport/dining fly in what we call the coffin . The coffin is a wooden box slightly longer than the longest pipe. We put the tarp/fly on the bottom and pile the pipes and bungee ties on top of that.
  21. As part of my Wood Badge Patrol project, I am in charge of showing the water activities of a varsity scout. My council does not use this program and I was wondering what an "actual" varsity scout team does. I have found out what they can do but need help with what they do in real life
  22. I am a brotherhood member of Timmeu lodge #74 I was called out in the late 70"s(back then it was called "Tapped out" and involved three slaps to the right shoulder). I was inactive with the order and scouting for several years until my son joined cubs in the mid 90's.
  23. As the father of a ADHD son who also has mild autisum, I find some of the comments offensive. My son enjoys most of scouting but the part he really hates is the part were he is singled out as undesireable to be with,ie. who's turn is it to share a tent with him. As I'm sure you know boy at that age can be both mean and thougtless. Even if they don't intend to hurt others feeling they often do. On the other hand maybe the kid just needs more attention than what he gets at home. Can't someone have try to befriend the "wild" child? My suggestion would be to find another scout willing to step up, follow the Twelve points of the Scout law and buddy up and share a third tent with the "problem" scout. (By the way friendly IS the fouth point of the scout law)(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)
  24. As the Adv. chair for our troop my problem is with too many people want to help do some of my job but no one wants to actually take over for me,I am also one of three ASMs. We usually have three or four parents at each meeting and some help with advancement with some of the scouts, the problem arises when the scouts tell me they have done all the requirements with Mrs.X or Mr.Y when they know less than the scout on the subject or take the scouts word that "we did that on that one camp-out", even if the parent was not along.(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)
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