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    Troop Meeting Program

    1. Is your troop boy led? kinda-sorta. We are working really hard at it. 2. Do you use the patrol method? see answer to 1. 3. How many boys are in your troop? We now have 12 boys! Two patrols, with 5 and 6 boys in each, plus a JASM. 4. Troop meeting program? Working on that. We are trying something different. We have 2 patrols, each led by an ASPL. The ASPL's and our Junior Assistant Scoutmaster form the PLC. They are responsible for planning the meetings. We are going to see how this works, and maybe, this will encourage the boy-led patrol method to work better for us.
  2. Holaka

    Just when you about give up hope...

    Great for your guys! I have high hopes for the troop I am with. We just split into 2 patrols, with each patrol having 5 or 6 boys. It is my dream that one day, they will get it.
  3. Holaka

    The Scouter poll is still open!

    Since the times are wacky, I am not sure when this was originally posted. It is now 8:53pm EST and I just completed the survey. It was short and to the point. I would be interested in the results. Cheryl O
  4. This year, we are not using a NSP, because we only received 2 new Scouts. We are a small troop (9 boys), and are just splitting into 2 patrols. We will see how this works for us, and go from there.
  5. I am in the process of registering for Wood Badge in a neighboring council. The dates of the course fit into my schedule, and it somehow costs less than the one being offered by my council. Since I am on a strict budget, it makes sense to me. Cheryl O
  6. Thanks for your replies. We schedule BoR's for whenever they are requested. This young man is just in a hurry to "make Eagle". At his last BoR, a comment was made about seeing him next summer for his next BoR. The Scout said, no 6 months. We could not get him to understand, that 6 months is the minimun time limit between the 2 ranks. Since he is still on the young side, he has time. Thanks again. Cheryl
  7. Greetings to those who know more than me. I have a question for this great group. I have a 13 year old Star Scout in my troop who is trying to rush to make rank. He wants to have his Scoutmaster Conference, and BoR as soon as possible. Does he have to wait until his 6 month time is up before either of these? I (as troop advancement chair) said yes. That the SM conference and BoR are meant to be the checking points, and not done until all other requirements are met for that rank. What do you think? Does he have to wait until his 6month time frame is up before either of these? Thanks Cheryl
  8. Holaka

    Scouting and Video Games

    This is interesting. Our troop has decided to an "electric campout". We are renting a cabin in January or February, and the boys can bring anything electronic they want. X-box, PS2, GameCube, DVD players, what ever they want. They just need to be responsible for their stuff, and share. The boys can stay up as late as they like, they just need to be out of bed for breakfast, which is being cooked by the adults for them. They can work on scout skills if they so desire, or they can just play games all weekend. I do know that they won't be playing video games all weekend, as they have challenged the adults to a game of capture the flag. A couple of adults plan on playing euchre all night. Will this work? We will see. As for now, the boys are really looking forward to this, and they are taking responsibility to plan it.
  9. Holaka

    Today's Active Topics

    And I thought it was just my computer giving me fits! At least I don't feel so alone anymore.
  10. Holaka

    Just Fun

    The boys (and adults too!) really enjoy playing whirlyball. The troop tries to go at least twice a year. Cheryl
  11. Holaka

    Election to OA

    There is another ordeal in the spring. Can he go to that one without having elections again, or will he need to be re-elected within the troop? On another note, when does the troop have elections again?
  12. Holaka

    Election to OA

    After 2 years of trying to have elections in our troop, we finally had them at summer camp. Now, here is my question...one of our scouts that is scheduled to go thru his ordeal this weekend is on crutches. He sprained his foot last night. Can he still go thru the ordeal or should he wait?
  13. Holaka

    Jambo Patrol Names.

    My son's patrol from troop 1112 is the Llama patrol.
  14. Holaka

    Question on Community Service

    Our troop has always counted time served helping younger Scouts as service time. I am the Camp Director for our Cub Scout Resident Camp, and I always invite my own troop and several other troops out to help. The Boy Scouts like helping the Cubs, and the Cubs look up to the older boys. Cheryl
  15. Holaka

    Planning a Pack Campout

    Our pack camps every spring, for our crossover/campout. Here is our tentative schedule (always subject to change) Friday 5:30 or after arrive and set up campsite 9:00 pm Crackerbarrel and adult/parent meeting 10:30 or before lights out Saturday 8:00am breakfast followed by clean up 9:00am service project for camp We camp at our council camp and always do some sort of work project for the camp. 12 noon Lunch/Quiet time 2:00pm Some kind of activity (crafts, games, belt loops) is provided for those who are interested. Otherwise, free time for den/familiy activities. 5:30 Dinner/Clean up 6:30 Prepare for Pack meeting/crossover ceremonies 7:00pm Pack Meeting 8:45ish Crackerbarrell for all who are there, not just those who camped for the weekend. 10:30 or before...lights out Sunday 8:00am breakfast/clean up 9:00 ish Scouts Own Service 10:00am Clean up pack up and go home We invite a couple of local Boy Scout troops to camp with us, and help with meals and such. Adults in the pack take turns with cooking and cleaning, so the Scouts can have as much fun as they like. Last year, we had wicked weather to contend with, but we still had fun. Cheryl O