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  1. I was shocked to get a flyer in my email from my Council about an upcoming sales tax referendum. When asked, the Council responded that the school system had requested Council to send it out. The flyer was produced at taxpayer expense and had clear advocacy messaging in it, which is in it self illegal for the school district to do under state law. I wonder if there has been some sort of quid pro quo deal with the school system to send this out. "you guys are our partners, righhhttt? Partners help each other. Will you help us so you can keep recruiting at our schools?" Is this someth
  2. OMG. It sounds like you and I were in the same two troops( #1)!
  3. Depending on your CO's denomination, a lay person may provide that role. In an ideal situation, the lead pastor would have a role in your Troop/Pack/Crew. Unfortunately, in all my years of Scouting (30 Years this fall) I have only met a handful of clergy that were BSA Chaplains and only one of those was outside of a Jamboree setting. (He was an Eagle Scout who became a pastor and wanted to be involved with his son's unit.) God Doesnt Call the QualifiedGod Qualifies the Called! I wasn't looking to be named District Chaplain but we had a need and I was asked. So I try & learn.
  4. Scouting is pretty fun until the adults mess it up.
  5. I had always been something of a stoic when it came to death around me until I learned that a scout from my boyhood troop was killed by a drunk driver at age 29 when he stopped to help a vehicle broke down in the road. I remember trying to call our retired SM and just breaking down as I told him of the passing. It has happened a couple of times since then and I have trouble connecting my emotional value to Scouting but I know it looms large in my life. Pray for all of our boys and leaders.
  6. I tend to give about 20 speeches a year in the course of my job and I figured I would be able to hit the same groups again but this time benefiting Scouting. Than know must have ticked somebody off.
  7. I just saw the announcement that the Speakers Bureau program has been scrapped. I finally got signed up and was looking forward to spreading the word. Anyone have any insights into why this needed to be done?
  8. We have a new school in our troops' area and I wanted to try recruiting there. But, I would like a little intel before I approach them. Does anyone know or have experience with the Montesorri method of learning and are there any conflicts with the scouting program?
  9. How do you keep the unit from being harmed when the leader is going through an increasingly ugly divorce? Both parties appear to have a scorched earth policy and many fear the damage that can be done to the unit. Personally, I think its time for them both to step away from scouting until they can resolve their personal business. Your thoughts?
  10. There are typically 1 or 2 very well run troops in each town that have tons of boys and are run entirely by adults. They're real parent catchers for helicopter webelo parents that view boy run troops as chaos. I don't know the details here, but it sounds like this is a reaction to these types of units.
  11. I saw this while trolling Craigslist for equipment and thought it was too interesting not to share. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. I would be interested in the collective diagnosis of the group's observations. PS, I do not have a dog in this fight and know none of the parties (that I know of). "Attenion All Families in the North XXXXXX Area: We are starting a new Boy Scout Troop for families that live on the North side of XXXX. We wanted to offer an alternative to the readily available Troop on our side of town. Our objective is to get away from the boring meeting
  12. The way you guys were carrying on about this I expected to find zombie scouts of dead animals or something visceral. When I finally got the thing to load, I had to laugh. Great idea. It could really attract attention.
  13. The more I learn about the LDS scouting program, I realize that the Stake President sets the tone and tenor of scouting activities in his area.
  14. Thanks, I hadn't seen these. That web site is a little like mining for gold, you might find something valuable.
  15. Does anyone out there have a recruiting flyer you'd be willing to share that isn't the same old names and numbers info sheet of the past? I'm not a graphic artist, but it seems that if we come up with a lot of images of daring do and dangerous looking stuff, at least in the eyes of a 6-12 year old, we can sell the program to the kid enough to make him ask mom dad about it.
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