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  1. Actualy our uniform is quite similar to how FOG described your uniform. It consists of a khaki shirt quite similar in cut to the original BP shirts and made of cotton and some man made fibres (infact its not all that bad for moderate outdoor activities) the pants on the other hand is a slightly darker khaki and is made out of some very undurable man made fibre. The pants is uncomfortable to sit in let alone hike in. Then we have a dark green beret and the usual neck scarf, lanyard etc... do your scouts have a choice of wearing shorts or pants??? We used to but not anymore... Whats your opinion
  2. Yes you are right about the importance of the uniform and following the rules of wear of that uniform, now i dont know exactly what the bsa uniform is like but the Malta scouts uniform is not what i would wear to much besides a parade or some other ceremony. It is therefore rational that an activity uniform is worn when the dress uniform cant be worn. This is adopted by all groups in malta and is accepted but should those incharge have the right to say weather scouts can wear a jeans or a combat trowsers or sweatpants if their group administration allows it and they present no siutable alterna
  3. I hope i was not misunderstood. I did not mean to say that the uniform is not importaint, meerly that it is second to other parts of scouting. Actualy it is very much the same here in Europe. In malta many people chose what parts of scouting they like and which they dont. Another problem here is the hipocricy. For example while on a group visit to germany one of our members had a camoflage patern daypack, one of the members of the Scouters Council here in malta saw this and sent a long letter telling us about the wrongs of camo. Though not camoflage this same person and many other scouters 'in
  4. I agree with Blaze. I mean shouldnt we spend more time teaching our scouts the true values of scouting. Scouting isnt based on looking impressive in a $100 uniform. Its not about impressing the rest of society by what uniform we wear but what youth we produce. I mean for as im sure you all know at the end of a camp or expedition anypants be they $5 or $100 and if they had a camo pattern or were bright orange all smell and look like mud. Why worry about that and ignore other importaint stuff like what our scouts are realy learning out of the experience. For public displays the proper uniform sh
  5. I dont know about you folks in the US but here in malta we love night games. Camo is great when running and hiding n the dark. Also due to weight restrictions we cant have an infinate amount of pants including a set of clothes for nightgames so we tend to wear them all day long. (n.b. Mud looks far better on a woodland camo pants then it does on a shiny new pair of expensive outdoor company pants)
  6. Hey thats quite a good idea... I didnt think of that Il try it out tnks. Ill leave a message on friday saying if it worked... Thanks a lot.
  7. We have lightweight nylon tents too mostly dome tents with a few small ridge tents. Any large canvas tents are normaly ex military here due to our countries small size and limited manufacturers... Anyway tnks for your replies I got quite a good idea of what i wanted to know.
  8. Realy?? Isnt that a bit exagerated. I mean there is no need to equip a troop like a private army but millitary equipment is extreamly durable and whell priced for that so i suppose there should be no need to be that strict... Dont you use any ex-military tents and marquees over there??
  9. As a matter of fact it does work. TO set the whole story straight last group cookout my Scout Leader cooked rice in foil while i cooked a stew in foil. He has a habbit of taking the piss out of all of the lower ranks so he made fun of my stew. I on the other hand said it was nothing special cooking rice in foil and that i could even do it without using foil. But as we have no large bamboo or other large waxy leaves in this country im a bit stuck for what leaves i can use... Anybody think bannana leaves are possible??? Or maybee i could cook it inside some other fruit llike an apple and add a s
  10. Hey just wondering what the aproach to scouts wearing camoflage is in your countries? In Malta the council keeps trying to hold a firm stance against it to seperate scouting from the military... what do you all think?
  11. Hi guys.. just asking to see if anybody has any good ideas on cooking rice on a fire without using any utensils. Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated... Tnks
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