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  1. Anything. One parent threatened litigation because their son heard an adult use a cuss word. I know the parent wouldn't have gone through the effort, but that was how he motivated the troop to take some kind of action. Another parent threatened litigation because the SM didn't tell them that their son was caught with a Playboy magazine on a campout several months previous. That threat came after a meeting with the parents over their son threatening another scout with his pocket knife. The learning disabled scout has a lot of social issues that was creating a lot of concerns, so we asked one pa
  2. I’m skeptic; maybe the Effigy Moundbuiders also had Boy Scouts.😎 Barry
  3. I'm a ;little confused on this. Whether the CO works closely with the unit or not, the litigation risks are the same. It just takes one disgruntled parent who wants their pound of flesh. Oh, I know a consensus CO will reduce the risk, but we had several parents pull the litigation card to get their way. So, is the real discussion here about the BSA shifting the cost of litigation insurance on to the unit? Anyone have an idea of that cost? Barry On a side note, I am not surprised that quazse's and Matts unit CO's work well with the unit, I found that good unit drive the CO's to
  4. This is how we did it 20 years ago. I don't know how strict things are now, but often the single parent mother would provide a note giving the Cub leader or another parent trust and responsibility of her son on campouts. Barry
  5. I agree. My experience is that older scouts most of the time feel camping is relief from the stress of romantic relationships.. It's more often the younger scouts who have these discussions of curiosity and discovery. My wife had the same experience with younger girls. I belief the discussions are innocent and normal. But, they are alerting to parents, of which most leaders are. Anyone ever wonder how scouts think that tents are sound proof. Not that older scouts don't have the discussions. Even though older scouts have admitted to me personally of the relief of not thinking about girls,
  6. I can see you don't have the experience of dealing with parents. Logical reasoning isn't always how it works. And, there is hiarchy of units, COs, districts, and councils. Who should drive this cart? Barry
  7. The struggle here is dealing with parents that insist that one scout showing another scout porn is CSA. Those usually end up on the CSA list. Now what? Barry
  8. That SE is only doing what you are demanding here on the forum. Can you imagine the harm she could have created because of her Zero tolerance position. More often than not, Zero tolerance allows folks who don't want to deal with individual incidents because they don't have the skills and it scares them. Barry
  9. One of my examples was my wife found two girl scouts (10 years old) having a heavy consensual discussion of sex. She was advised by the leadership to call the police. In your Zero tolerance world, who is in trouble? Don't say that doesn't count, she was advised by their Scout Executive equivalent to call the police. Somebodies life is going to change when the police are called. Who do you want it to be? Barry
  10. This is taken out of context. What formal education are you talking about that other youth organizations do in the context of which you are referring? Certainly not other scouting organizations. I could go on with 4H, youth sports, and other school activities, of which my kids had plenty of experience, and none who got abuse training of any kind. What other youth organizations are doing the training? Just because Scouting uses youth leadership as the method toward moral and ethical growth doesn't mean scouting assumes youth can lead. Most other youth programs don't even use the leadershi
  11. When emotional reason doesn't fix minds, resort to denigrating. Shesh. Barry
  12. And you seem to be maximizing a broad statement without knowing the context. Based on our separate experiences, we will different opinions. . Barry
  13. Very narrow and challenging. Challenging enough to drive my wife to quit and take my daughter out the GSUSA. More often than not, BSA parents don't take this stuff very well. I find that discussions with older scouts is very productive when they don't feel challenged. They don't want any of the scouts to be categorized as a pervert or predictor. They just need some guidelance sometimes as to where the line is drawn. Barry
  14. My experienced opinion is that the 50% youth sex abuse statement doesn't make sense. And any suggestion to changing the program based on that statement is absurd.. Barry
  15. Patrol Method has proven itself over 100 years all over the world. To break that up because of a very broad blanket statement that that 50% of the BSA abuse cases are from youth would be ridiculous. Barry
  16. Data. Proof. It's not minimalizing, it's rationalizing. To my families frustration, I'm a black and white person. Some of us have many years experience at many levels of scouting. Broad statements that don't make sense against experience requires details before tearing apart a proven program just to appease cynics. Barry
  17. That is why the knee jerk Zero Tolerance of youth sex abuse reaction from the poster yesterday is so concerning. Dividing the age groups doesn't approach fixing the problem, and how do we keep friends having curious private discussions alone in their tents? Discussion is getting a little crazy. Barry
  18. An older scout tenting with a younger scout would be a red flag that would require further discussion, not so much because of a predatory behavior, but because it is so rare, something isn't normal. 99.9 percent of scouts tent with their friends. I certainly would have the discussion. Barry
  19. The youth numbers could use some specifics also. We had mother/leader overhear a tent of scouts talking about sex. She filed on that. We investigated and found the tent had four scouts the same age who had all been close friends (her son was one of them) since Tigers. It was nothing more than curious sex talk. Mom felt here son was a victim. Not to say that youth sex abuse doesn't happen, we have had a couple of pretty bad scandal's of youth sex abuse in our state high schools, partially in sports.. But, I have also heard some edgy discussions from tents full of scouts on high adventure t
  20. Then you really don't know. The future of Youth spending the night with other youth is going to be politically incorrect. And, anyone who was a scout should be shunned for being an abuser. Barry
  21. Is this really a problem? What percent of scouts were abused? OK, give me some details of how those abuses occurred. You can't fix it if you don't know the problem. Ironic really. During the gay debates, nobody wanted to discuss sex abuse risks because they wanted gay youth in scouts really bad. Activist say youth know their sexual desire by the age of six. Is there a safe age to camp with other youth? The discussion crossed a line away from scouting. Now its about youth overnight stays with other youth. Is shutting down overnight sleep overs healthy for society? Will our grand
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