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    Funny. The witch hunt for a 'Secret Society' has created a secret society. Inito
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    Safety pin. Or look on Ebay for an pre-1979 set of DC cords. Those actually had a pin built into them since the uniform did not have epaulets yet. My cousin gave me his cords.
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    You mean a Brotherhood of Scouting honor campers? Who exemplify the Oath and Law in their daily lives? What a novel idea! (Sarcasm mode off) I think there are three main ways to change the Order back to a highly esteemed organization . One change the election criteria. The main focus from the order to the troop should be " We want your best both in skills and character. " not " We accept anyone with a first class badge and one summer camp under his belt." Two. Make the Ordeal a real challenge. Have elongomats who know what the tests represent and can explain their importance to the candidates. .And if a candidate clearly refuses to abide by the rules, we need to have the ability to politely boot him out. ( Oy vey! The stories I could tell) Three. We need to do more to help scouting than set up and tear down summer camps. We need to: run local training for junior leaders, help out troops who are dying, or just starting up, staff camporees, offer some semi high adventure to the local troops (50 miler?) In short we need to be more than a group with colorful flaps who main focus is electing and indicting the maximum number of new members so that we can say " Our numbers are increasing, so everything is all right" Is it? Is it really? Oldscout. (Mikemossin Wanachk) Ps: and you are quite right National doesn't have a clue.
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    I go back over 40 years in the OA. The voting procedure before this current unlimited voting was based on how many scouts were officially on the ballot (nominated). I could be wrong, but I remember something like: if you had 2 nominated, you had 1 vote; 3 nominated, 2 votes; 4 nominated, 2 votes; 5 nominated, 3 votes; or something like that. And is it still that a scout had to have at least a simple majority to become a candidate? Still 50% plus 1? In other words, half of the votes did NOT gain you a place as a candidate. And all of the scouts voting were supposed to be "active" scouts in their troop? I also remember the scoutmaster (me in this case) saying that you didn't have to vote for anyone if that was your choice. I reminded them that they saw all of these nominated scouts in action, not me, and had more knowledge of a scout's honor. Unless it has been changed, remember that the scoutmaster has to approve these scouts before their name goes on the ballot. I think it was listed as " scoutmaster's approval." I also made sure that a scout understood what the OA was about, and he needed to approve his own nomination. I've had some scouts over the years not want their name in nomination. I've also heard of parents having to approve the scout's nomination as they knew their son's busy schedule. I never went that far. sst3rd
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    @shortridge you ask a very good question, I've been mulling it over for a few hours and I'm still not sure I have a clear answer. Having done dozens of Elections I recognized the words at once and have no argument with any of them. But here are my thoughts as of right now . In our lodge we play a rather dull video from National so that all the words are always exactly correct rather that read from a script or recite it from memory. It's a lot easier. BUT, you can see the eyes of many of the scouts glaze over about one minute in. Especially the younger ones. They're just sitting there letting the sound wash over them not paying any attention at all. Then they vote for their buddies. I believe we need to train our election teams much better so that they don't need the video crutch. They need to be able to sit down with the scouts and hold their attention while explaining what the order is what it stands for and how the election works. In short just recite the script without sounding like you're reciting the script. I am quite aware that I'm coming at this from a ceremonies view point, but I think that's what we need we need to convey our enthusiasm and our earnestness about the order. The other difficulty is that many of the Scouts have been instructed previously by their scoutmaster to vote for everyone on the ballot. I have been there when the ballots are counted and certain troops, where every Scout gets at least 90% of the vote. Year after year. You may argue that perhaps that troop simply has amazingly exceptional Scouts. Sorry, I've watched them at the ordeal I've watched them at Camporees, they're not. In fact those troops tend to have the highest percentage of sash and dash in the entire District.
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    I think the best way to keep your sanity is to do it for the kids you're working with. If you didn't have siblings tagging along with you when you were a scout then ask these new scouts if they, too, don't want siblings tagging along. Keep them away from the boys if that's what they want. Do it for them, not for anyone else. My council is a wreck, numbers are down, parents struggle to volunteer, there are all sorts of reasons to walk away. But there is one reason to keep at it. The scouts I work with. So have fun with these new scouts.
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    Double, maybe even triple the camping requirements and restrict the number of scouts elected to 1 for every 15 scouts in the troop. Barry
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    LOL, I truly feel your pain. There seems to be no end of redefinition of expression during these Political Correct times. What next, burn all the old books? But, to be fair, OA started out as a service organization. Well, service and camping organization. The early Arrowmen focus on service and outdoorsmenship They were the best of the best. Selection was more stringent, which is why most Arrowmen early days were looked up as the better Best) Scouts in the unit. I think if OA is to make some kind of comeback, the organization needs to go back to the higher standards of outdoorsmenship and selfless service. I'm not sure how they can go about in this toxic social media world, but even today, there are scouts, then there are the real scouts. OA needs to focus on selfless service (which are really outward actions of the Oath and Law), and expertise in outdoor activities. Those scouts will standout out as noble in the scouting movement. But, I think the change will have to come from within, National hasn't got a clue. Barry
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    @NickWeaverplease refer to Topic locked
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