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    My council as a Scout and young adult recombined with the north half of the county in 1972. The notion that I could have my records "transferred" to my new council in Ohio in 1981 seemed like a rare joke to the two people to whom I talked at the office in California. They told me all the "old records" had been "pitched." Then the BSA-mandated charge to a "national" software in 1985 wiped out every record of everything I had done here from 1981-> and replaced it with imaginary records for 1910-1985. I therefore try not to worry about such matters. After all, I can prove I finished basic Scoutmaster training in 1912 and was a three-time District Chairman ten years before I was born (of a district that did not exist).
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    I guess it is all part of the larger issue of why ANY volunteer should have to pay to volunteer, not just for a uniform or a book or other tangible things, but an actual membership fee for the organization they are volunteering. But I know I am just talking crazy talk now.
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    My troop has had 4 Eagles in less than a year. We had a total of 5. 2 earned it young, 2 at the last minute (BoR after 18th birthdays), and 1 at 16. My son earned Eagle at 14, almost 4 years ago. He was done his badges by 13, but wasn't ready to head up a project. A project fell into his lap and he pulled it off by 14. We were in an 'Eagle mill' troop for his first 2.5 yrs of Boy Scouts. They did Eagle badges each month in troop meetings, pushed the boys to go to MB fairs and to max out their summer camp schedules with badge classes. His first CoH he got 4 Eagle Required badges and 4 more. 8 badges in 5 months, a little nuts looking back on it. Then another 7 at his first summer camp. We transferred troops and things slowed down, the SM there refused to allow a 14 year to become and Eagle so we transferred again. Third troop was laid back, but no issues going for Eagle. Other young Eagle from the troop earned his at 13 and change. Mom made him do badge work every Sunday as part of his chores. He would 'earn' 6-8 badges every CoH and more if a MB fair or summer camp fell during the timeframe. Scout wasn't really wanting to be there, but was well behaved. Mom was the ultimate helicopter, kid and his younger brother never did anything without mom in tow. Imagine an Eagle scout that's never been anywhere without mom to remind to put his sunscreen on. They left the troop in the spring over a leader dispute. He didn't even have a ECoH with us. One of the just in time guys, #1 had been putzing along on Eagle for the last 1.5 years, his project gave him fits. He'd left scouting for a few years after reaching Life young and came back to fulfill a promise to his late mother. The other just in time guy, #2 finished 6 Eagle required MBs the day before his 18th birthday. Mom of the young one above arranged a MB fair of sorts at her house that night. His project was done the weekend before his birthday and signed off the night before becoming 18. SM did his SMC at 11:30 PM that night. Took the paperwork to council on the kid's 18th b-day. Kid hadn't shown up all school year for meetings, no real PoR work, not a scout in any way shape or form. But all the adults thought he should be an Eagle cuz mom wanted it. I don't think the kid cared one way or the other. There was a family history of last second Eagles. He couldn't even make time to come to to his own EBoR. It was done on day 45 after his 18th B-day, too busy to schedule it, after threats from the district Eagle coordinator. He didn't care. So where am I going with all of this? Each boy's journey is individual and he makes it happen or not happen in his own way. There is no shame in not finishing Eagle. Scouting is about having fun, learning and growing. My son has grown in numerous ways as a scout - NYLT, Jambo 2013, 2 summers of camp staff, 4 years of summer camp without mommy in tow (not counting work). It was rather emotional for me to watching him at work one day, it was 10 years to the date that he and I had gone to his first Cub Resident camp as a Tiger graduate, and there he was the Eagle scout that the little Cubs were looking up to. I can't say just in time guy #2 got anything out of Scouts, he was never there. As for the other young Eagle scout, I don't think he's gotten much out of scouts either. Hard to grow when mom is on your shoulder every inch of the way. So, IMHO it doesn't matter what rank a scout leaves off at as long as they learn, grow and become good young adults.
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    Have the Pack treasurer sit down with the Troop treasurer over a cup of coffee and say, "so explain this to me. What do we owe, to whom do we owe it and what is it for?" One fly in the ointment that I haven't seen mentioned is that the Chartered Organization (CO) owns both units, including their equipment and funds and they can pretty much do what they want with it. You may not agree, and it may not be "fair", but it is what it is.