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  1. Leader issues

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    • @MikeS72 My registration is good till March. Commissioner service is a distinct possibility. I did that for about 10 years in my old council (WCFC, which merged with Gulf Ridge into GTBAC after we moved away). I am well acquainted with our District Commissioner and we have a good relationship. He also happens to be a Key 3 in the Venturing crew my older daughter is considering joining and was CD for the last 2 NYLT course which my daughter staffed as a TG. I know CFC is big but I wonder if you know my brother. ūüėĄ
    • If your choice is to move to another unit and you do not want to take on a leadership role with the new unit I would suggest contacting your District Commissioner.¬† Pretty much every district could use more commissioners, and that would allow you to maintain active involvement with the OA.¬† (although your BSA registration is still good for the remainder of the charter year - here in the CFC being Dec. 31)
    • @fred8033 thank you for your thoughts. Kids aren't stupid. They can see when there is conflict. I did own up to my mistake in the matter. You are also correct in that it never should have escalated. Which is why i asked for the unit to put processes in place to make sure the series of mistakes don't keep happening. But it's not my unit and I don't have the control to ensure those safeguards actually get implemented. But I'd like to see the unit survive, whether or not I'm involved in it. The first thing the scoutmaster did yesterday was send out a notice to parents of position elections in a week, something we've never done this time of year. My daughter contacted the SPL to ask about it, and the SPL knew nothing about it. So yeah, if that's how they want to run the troop, I don't have an issue moving on with my kids. But I'm going to do it methodically so as not to cause a disruption. I have reasons to maintain registration as I am active in OA as a committee adviser and with council level youth trainings, which I enjoy, but those are secondary. I'd need to find a primary role in some manner in order to be able to continue my involvement in those things. That's something to I'll need to spend some of my downtime contemplating. ¬†
    • @qwazse¬†... We are really too far removed from the specifics to judge either direction on "truth".¬† ¬†Inferring either way is useless.¬† Inferring it's okay for unit leaders to routinely second guess a MBC is just bad and does NOT have any standing in the GTA.¬†¬†Future leaders would do well to read GTA for rules and intent.¬† ¬†... The rule is a MBC is the final judge on if the MB is done; not the unit leader.¬† Unit leaders are not to second guess requirement wording / specifics¬†/ etc.¬† As this escalated so fast, there is more going on than this discussion thread can handle.
    • @nolesrule, I am truly sorry. I've hated the multiple occasions when I've personally seen strong and good leaders clash over various parts of the program - especially advancement. IMHO, it's a complete waste of time, and your scout's troop is now down one capable and passionate leader. But, we (not just you and me, but all scouters who may in the future read this) must not back down from the truth written in the skies. The GTA is a well thought-out document covering most of the problems we scouters have had with this method, but man-hours hours spent parsing it could be better spent opening a youth to abundant opportunities to scout in the purest sense of the word. Regarding negotiating the future given the troop's decisions (and this really is from personal experience): the single most important thing a troop can offer is brotherly love. Obviously that's a lot harder to do when people are at loggerheads, so everyone will have to dig deep to make it happen. The good news is that I've seen that scouts have a far greater capacity for this than adults. If a scout feels cherished in a troop, he/she will stay. If not, he/she will move on. If the adults around him/her can manage to do the same over months or years, it will be worth their while to do so. Anyway there are a lot of topics by scouters who've had to negotiate their time volunteering after things like this happened. (In fact, that's why I started following.) I hope you can avail yourself of them.
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