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  1. Welcome Gambler, I see that you currently hold many big positions in scouting. I think that might be a a lot on someone's plate but only you "know when to hold them and when to fold them." Sorry I couldn't resist. Angry Beaver139
  2. Being the Professional Advisor to Outdoor Thinker's Council's Venturing Committee and having the pleasure of working with her I am deeply proud of her. I found out from the regional officials over the weekend when I was at a Venturing Conferance. She will make the Northeast number 1 in Venturing. OGE, I am predicting National President in OT's future. What do you think?
  3. Is anybody on the forum going to the Venture Quest Weekend at Camp Alpine this weekend? I am looking foward to getting some new ideas.
  4. OGE, You are correct old wise one. I try to use this web site to better myself in my job. I just haven't posted anything until now. For fear of revealing my secret identity. Yours In Scouting, Angry Beaver139
  5. I am a Senior District Executive. I have no kids yet. But my father is my District Commissioner. So when I saw the title I thought you were talking about us. I am wondering if anyone else out there knows of a DE having a parent as their District Commissioner or Chairman and how it worked out. I have a great relationship with my father so it is working out great so far.
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