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  1. Does anyone hold the following scripts at their disposal if not would you be able to tell me where I can find copies of these documents. Thank you for your time. 1) Air Explorer Manual (#3508) 2) Air Scout Manual (#3648) 3) Air Scout Merit Badge Pamphlets Aerodynamics (#3280) 4) Aeronautics (#3306) 5) Airplane Design (#3281) 6) Airplane Structure (#3279) paperback, written by W.H. Hunt 7) Senior Scouting Program Notebook 8) Hints to Squadron Leaders (#3195) 9) Miscellanous Air Scout Manuals Air Scouting Development, 1941
  2. Sergei I cannot actually try this program yet, because I have not received an answer from the national Venturing committee once I do I will put all of my resources to work and set up an active Air Scouts squad in the Woodburn area. Also I have found sketches of the Air Scout uniforms and intend to use the Air force jackets and possible pants, keeping in mind the fact that we cannot impersonate members of the Armed Forces. And yes, the air scouts will be co-ed program acting as a branch of the Venturing program, which would entitle them to earning the Venturing awards, however, the main award
  3. That is why the program will focuss on aviation and more importantly on the aspects of flying, which will be done as frequently as the funds allow this will be at least once every two weeks. And who says that these restrictions cannot be taken out. And as I have been involved with the Sea Scouts it never seemed to me like all we did was boating, in fact this was done only during the summer and barely once every month. And since Sea Scouts seemes to be working so will this. And why does it have to be so restricted now?
  4. Sergei In the past 2 years I have planned out a way that the Air Scouts can exist as part of the BSA and now will impart my ideas to you. The question of us finding enough Air Scouts pamphlets to guide us through this can easily be answered; I myself have searched over the internet for old Air Scout pamphlets and have found four of them. These can be used to reintroduce the old ratings and awards of 1954 and the old uniforms of 1953. I have also asked over 15 crews in my district if they would want to join this program once it got started, many of them said yes. Including some of the trained
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