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Multi-Council Venturing Camps

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From my experience, both as a Council Venture Training Chair, and as a Troop High Adventure ASM, let me share what I have found.


If your program can benefit fom High Adventure focus then both Philmont & Northern Tier are GREAT resources. If your program can benefit from Youth Ministries, then check out various church camps. It's my understanding that part of advancement for Venture awards that creates problems in regular Scout camps is the teaching skills to others sections. I hope that I'm helping.


I really do think that due to the expense of camps you won't find a lot of camps that can run exclusive Venture summer camps, they will try to financially survive, and accomodate.


Also if you want a fun expiernce for Sea Scouts, or those working on that bronze award. (or others that are into sailing) Check out the Argus from Long Beach California. It could EASILY be tailored to Venturing, and would be a GREAT summer camp exp. I would also check on Camp Cherry Valley (on Catilina Island, off of Los Angeles coast) If any camp that I know of could run some exclusive Venture time, it would be that camp.


Hope this helps.

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