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    • It is interesting that some of these items, even if they seemed expensive, must not have been "self sustaining" meaning that they were selling these at a loss. 
    • I think that folks need to realize three things: 1) Fees are not going down. Nothing is getting "returned to scouts". 2) Layoffs have already hit national and numerous councils and they are not going to stop. Part of the reason for switching to all online print-on-demand is to adjust to a permanent loss in BSA supply chain workers. 3) The introduction of these efforts is to adjust expenditures to the new reality of income/revenue. Not to reduce revenue sources/requests.
    • Wonder how many millions will be saved and returned to the scouts.    The Requirements Book  ($5) is really a book the scout, leader, parent can sit down and read through to see everything they can earn.   Unless this is available as a single file, scouts need to click on each individual badge or award to see the requirements and peak their interest.   A number of MBCs and leaders use the book all the time as a reference out in summer camp or just regular meetings instead of flipping through their phones if they even have connection.   Might as well just put the handbook and filled in worksheets on the site too.
    • It will be great if they provide one large pdf guide. The Kindle edition was the same cost, and based on each year (not auto updated).
    • If you think seriously about it, this is long overdue.  Not only saved money and resources, but you can find the section you need and print it and not have to buy a book seldom used for other than on occasion.  
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