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    • You aren't overthinking it, brother ...that is the purpose of open, non-attribution discussion.  Discussion gives us the chance to work out our own thinking, articulate our ideas, get input from others, and modify the framework of our thinking to strengthen it, or get rid of it for new thinking. Enjoy!  
    • The way I see it, if National is allowing online outdoor training now, changes to advancement so that virtual camping is allowed for ranks AND MBs, changes to OA eligibility to include virtual camping, etc, then everything is on the table due to COVID.
    • If you are referring to Kenneth Feinberg, he applied to the Court to be a mediator (see link below for his application). He was not selected. Judge Silverstein decided on a three person mediation panel which includes Paul Finn and Tim Gallagher who were forwarded by the BSA. For the third position, Judge Silverstein did not appoint BSA's third candidate choice rather former bankruptcy judge Kevin Carey. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/823120_773.pdf
    • I saw somewhere they were looking to employ the same person that did 9/11 and the BP settlement. So it could be $63,000 on average, but $5000 for some and $300,000 for others.
    • I hope that is what happened in this case.  I know for a fact the cubs would have loved it. I just wish more packs would be allowed to do this via a council shooting sports committee. The way it is worded, though, is don't even ask. I don't like "good old boy networks" where the rules say one thing, but you can workout some back deal.
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