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    See my original post. Belay that because in rereading that post it doesn't sound sarcastic as I was meant to be.

    How about this {sarcasm on)I'm curious as to why this knot was created? {sarcasm off)

    I agree we got enough knots out there, why more?




    And once again the second oldest program in Scouting, Sea Scouts, gets shafted. Then again, with national's push to get red out of the Boy Scout uniform uniform, i.e. no red loops, numbers, red jackets, etc one could ask why they included red in the knot to represent Boy Scouts?


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      Eagle92, I'm sure they decided to use red because it's connected to the centennial and red has been around for Boy Scouts for 100 years... Now that they've changed all that all bets are off. And if they switched to green maybe someone would get the wrong idea and think it's a GSUSA color. And they left orange off and all the Tigers are now disenfranchised too. And then there's the purple for all the Barney Scouts out there, and the Black which has to be included in everything, and, and, and,

      Hey! How about a rainbow instead of a knot?!!! Naw, that's been taken too.

      Your mileage may vary,



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        Have you considered that the three colors of the knot (red, blue, yellow) are also the three colors of the anniversary logo?


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          Another knot. Great. Swell.


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            What I like about the knot is the device that Jambo participants can get to go with it. Kinda rounds out the whole package.



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              >>>>>I'm sure they decided to use red because it's connected to the centennial and red has been around for Boy Scouts for 100 years...


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                Actually, the original program colors were:

                *Red for Rovers/Senior Scouts/Explorers
                *Green for Boy Scouts
                *Yellow/Blue for Cub Scouts

                This was more or less set down in England.

                This is why service star backings are those colors and the original garter tabs were those colors and why Explorers wore red jac-shirts.

                De Larentes (sp?) messed up that coloring when they used red loops for boy scouts and green loops for explorers (the opposite of what its always been).


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                  I found something here


                  Announcements From National Council
                  New Award Recognizes Active Alumni

                  In the coming months, a new patch, the BSA Alumni Award knot, will begin appearing on some Scouting volunteers uniforms. The red, blue, and gold square knot will designate its wearer as a Scouting alumnus who has helped other Scouting alumni reconnect with the program. (A lapel pin is also available for civilian wear.)

                  Developed by the National Alumni Task Force, the award recognizes accomplishments in four areas: alumni identification and promotion, alumni engagement, personal participation, and personal education. Specific requirements include doing things such as helping to plan an alumni event, convincing unregistered alumni to register with Scouting, and completing online alumni training.

                  The requirements are toughand thats by design, said Bill Steele, the BSAs director of Alumni Relations. We expect these folks to work just as hard as alumni as they did as Scouts and Scout volunteers.

                  All requirements must have been completed after June 1, 2009. Applicants must be currently registered with the BSA, and their award applications must be approved by the local council Scout executive and Alumni Relations committee chairperson, along with the National Alumni Task Force.

                  For complete details on the new alumni square knot, visit Note that youll need to be registered on the site (a free process) to access the award information.


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                    >>>>>The requirements are toughand thats by design,


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                      We don't know how tough the new requirements are. The link on the BSA site that says it does NOT lead to the requirements, and there is no additional link except to the 2010 award.


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                        So I've read the entries here, but I have not been able to find where the requirements are listed? Any link to the requirements ?


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                          I checked all over the BSA Alumni web site and did not find any requirements posted yet. I think we will see them after the 1st of the year.


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                            They are supposed to be in an article in the Alumni Newsletter. However none of the articles load.

                            I am sure at some point BSA will finally look at the site say say - Whoops, and fix the connections. When is anybodies guess.


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                              What is an Alumni? If I understand the term correctly, without looking the definition up in the dictionary, an Alumni individual is a person who has belonged to an organization, such as a University, a civic group, or it could be an association with the military, but is no longer an active member of that organization or group. However, they may still lend support to that organization, whether it be financial or otherwise. So, what is a BSA Alumni? Is he or she still a registered scouter? That would undermine the definition, it its truest sense. If this is the case, why was the award created? It would be assumed that it is only meant for former BSA registered members--Alumni. Unless, the requirements are based on some other criteria that would support it being aquired by an active BSA member, why create a knot for a former BSA active member? I'm just speculating. of course. I'm just waiting on another big storm that's supposed to jump 8" more inches of snow on us. Winter is harder to stomach each year I age. (59 next month)



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                                "without looking the definition up in the dictionary, an Alumni individual is a person who has belonged to an organization,"

                                Actually, your definition is for an alumnus (an individual). Alumni is plural, so by definition, the BSA knot has to involve more than one past member of the organization. How? I suppose we will learn next year.