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    "So I instituted a nomination process to pick the scouts that were even eligible for being a PL."

    The Scoutmasters have had conversations about similar ideas. A couple of years ago, we couldn't put too many restrictions on it because we only had a handful of First Class Scouts and a couple of them would have never been nominated. We could do it now, although I'm not convinced the boys who deserve it would get nominated. We're also not a Troop where the Adults "institute" anything. If the boys want to change their process for selecting PLs or the SPL (which they did change at Summer Camp), it's up to them to make it happen.

    I'm very anxious to see what happens with regard to the PL's this Fall. I think we have a growing group that recognizes the mistake they made with last year's SPL and the new SPL is going to really press for deserving PL's. It will be interesting to see if the group that gives a damn outnumbers the group that doesn't.


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      Originally posted by jblake47 View Post
      Well, in my troop leadership is not an option. I don't care whether or not one has a patch on their shirt or not at one time or another throughout a meeting, outing, or activity one has to step and and be the leader. EVERYONE has to lead. A group of leaders is what makes teamwork work. Everyone leads and takes care of everyone else.
      If this is true, you either have a very unusual group of Scouts who are not like 99 percent of the boys in Scouting (or elsewhere) or you're pre-screening them somehow to weed out those who refuse to lead no matter what, have behavioral problems, etc. Either way, congratulations.


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        Naw, I wish I could cherry pick them out of the local packs, but no such luck. Instead I work hard at developing a culture of leadership where I constantly am seeking out different things the boys do and relate it to leadership. If one of the boys goes get's the flags for opening ceremony without being told, they are congratulated and thanked for thinking about the other boys. Everyone gets the same opportunity to lead any and all activities and projects. Sure some hang back, but eventually they will find something they get excited about and will step forward and lead. One just has to be patient and wait for that moment to present itself. Every boy is taught how to teach, that means they will all have to lead eventually. Sure they are shy and uncomfortable at first, but the more they practice, the more relaxed they become, they are learning! That's how it happens. I don't have older scouts to teach and mentor, they are learning as they go along. It's not something that one has as a curriculum from some BSA program, but a constant awareness on the part of the boy and adult leadership to encourage the premise of taking care of someone other than themselves. In this day and age that is a major step forward in the arena of servant leadership. I don't have many behavior problems because I try and head them off before they get a chance to manifest themselves. We have one patrol currently, but with the new boys coming in this fall, we're going to need a second PL. Who's going to step up? I don't know yet, but maybe my PL will take on TG and train two PL's! One never knows what the boys will decide. Right now my major "problem" is two boys "fighting" over who gets to be GrubMaster at the next outing! One boy was exposed to Dutch oven cooking at summer camp (was a real patoot at the first outing, didn't want to do anything and was bored the whole time! So he said.) and now he wants to be GrubMaster and told his mom that he wants a Dutch oven for his birthday coming up in a couple of months. Where's all this coming from???? I dunno, but I'm surely not going to get in the way of letting it happen. It's going to be a sad day when he finds out he can't use GrubMaster as a POR for rank advancement, but I really don't think it will make a bit of difference. I did suggest (always a non-binding suggestion) to the PL that it might be a good idea to have a GrubMaster cookoff to see who gets to be the Grubmaster for the patrol. Win or lose, the patrol should get some pretty good grub out of the deal.