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But I thought ceremonies were performed after dark...

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  • But I thought ceremonies were performed after dark...

    I just got a look at the upcoming Ordeal schedule, the ceremony is to start at 4:00pm. So that everyone can eat dinner at 5:30. What happened to just after dark? You can see the parking lot and the dining hall from the ring in the daylight. No mysterious flickering fire and torch light? You will not even be able to see the candles at all. Our bonnets and stuff are getting old, they look ok in dim lighting but not in broad daylight. This is assured NOT to impress.imo.
    I'm told that everyone does it in the afternoon nowdays,
    Has this changed everywhere?
    If so I think we lost something magical just so the cooks don't have to lay out sandwiches at 9:00

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    Our lodge has made a similar decision. The Lodge Executive Committee made the decision last month to move all Ordeal Ceremonies to before dinner, so that all new members can enjoy dinner free of restrictions. This will open the evening to fellowship and chapter meetings that will better explain the OA and how it is organized. Of course, all of this is the answer to increased membership retention and growing the lodge. This is also the reason that our long time Lodge Adviser resigned. This also includes the chapter ceremony teams taking over the Ordeal Ceremonies Saturday afternoon, starting in 2015. I'll miss the night time ceremonies as well. It just gets better and better.



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      Not knowing the people in your lodge, I cannot say if this a good idea or not, but how about telling them " Our chapter team only does Ceremonies after dark, if you want it in the daylight have your lodge team do it."

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    Don't know about location. Our call-out is before dusk at summer camp.

    Son #2 says his ordeal ceremony was at dark. Not sure if that was before supper or cracker-barrel. We have several weekends to choose from, his schedule allowed for late spring.


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      Whew, brotherhood of honor campers indeed. Scratch that, "honor society."

      Sounds like leadership just wants to get things wrapped up and on the road for home as soon as possible.

      No need to have the candidates under restrictions at dinner. Self imposed red tape by leadership.


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        The work is done by whoever shows up. If the folks that want to do it say 4pm, then that's the time. I am in agreement with you, the ceremony loses some of its panache by doing it FIRST, and in daylight too.

        Our local camp had a "Grand Opening Campfire" with the opportunity "to add your Troop's campfire ashes to the new fire circle" and later to collect souvenir ashes to take home. Billed to start at 4pm and last to 8pm, . when we arrived at 5pm, it was already done and all 25 people were cleaning up. 25 people from the whole council. No skits, no ceremony, when I offered our ashes, they said the fire was already out and thank you. Sad, we thought.


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          I remember my Ordeal Ceremony that night. It was 6 years ago but I will never forget it. It was so cool and memorable, and being at night really set a tone for the weekend.


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            There is nothing that says ceremonies must be held in the dark, after sunset, or after dinner. If you look at the Ordeal and it's tests, the ceremony really should be conducted before dinner. Either that or figure out a way to handle the 2 tests that would be violated by the leadership if dinner is held before the ceremony. My lodge has scheduled it both ways over the years.