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New BSA Medical Forms

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  • New BSA Medical Forms

    Someone has been busy down in Irving.

    A committee person pointed me to this new form.

    I haven't looked at it closely enough to know if it's an improvement. Certainly having A+B be the mandatory sheets and C be the add-on is somewhat helpful.

    Besides wanting to let folks know this was up; I'm also curious as to how we are supposed to "officially" be notified about changes like this and the new tour permit.

    What should be the official communication of these kinds of updates and changes?

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    Wow, this makes more sense, but it's the first I've heard of it. Did I miss something somewhere? We need to collect these soon for a winter camp and it would be good to know.


    • #3 should be the link you use.



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        Where is part C??


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          Part C can be found by following RichardB's link.

          I'm wondering if National is reworking Part C to make them valid for 3 years (36 months) for those 40 and under, like the old version? I know that parents would appreciate it, as well as the scouters that fall in the 18-40 threshold. However, that doesn't apply to me anymore....


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            The new form looks modular in that you can download only what you need, whether it's just parts A and B, parts A-C, Part D ( HA BASES to be read by the participant and physician) or, the mother of all medical forms: the 13 page comprehensive that has parts A-D PLUS the PADI medical form ( which is 4 part form link).



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              Suggested reading:

              12 calendar months.....


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                now this is annoyong, I was proactive and already have the form filled out for summer camp by my doc. Does this mean I have to go back and have this new form filled out (the situation I was TRYING to avoid)?


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                  After reading the height/weight chart, if a scouter is beyond the maximum requirements are they not allowed to participate in activities which require medical forms?


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                    Great, I just printed out a dozen of the old "new health forms"



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                      Has anyone compared the "old" new form with the "new" new form to see what the differences are? The height-weight chart does not seem to have changed, at least for my height, which are the only numbers I remember from the "old" new form.

                      I understand the BSA's statement that this needs to be a "living" document, but I hope they are not planning to change it once a year (or even more often than that.) I think the confusion of which form is which, how long can the "old" form be used, etc. would outweigh the benefit of the updated form, unless an immediate update is really necessary for the protection of Scouts and Scouters.


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                        After reading the height/weight chart, if a scouter is beyond the maximum requirements are they not allowed to participate in activities which require medical forms?
                        According to the form itself, it is disqualifying for a high adventure activity that is "more than 30 minutes from an emergency vehicle-accessible roadway." It is also "strongly encouraged" that the guidlines be enforced for "all other events." So expect a scale next to the sign-in table at your next Roundtable.
                        Sarcasm aside, this language actually is an improvement over the old form, which made it sound like you couldn't attend a regular troop meeting if it was more than 30 minutes from a hospital.


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                          I saw the recommended and allowable weights but I was reading in Men's Health Magazine last night that people who run marathons and do excessive training are actually more likely to have heart conditions that those that don't because of the stress.

                          I've also heard of several people in my area that had little fat according to their BMI, exercised daily and ate right and died from heart attacks.

                          We all want to do what is right for our bodies if not in theory anyway, but isn't it ironic, don't ya think. By the way, I think that is a song by Alanis Morissette.


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                            According to the form itself
                            where the dr signs it says
                            EXAMINERS CERTIFICATION
                            I certify that I have reviewed the health history and examined this person
                            and find no contraindications for participation in a Scouting experience.
                            This participant
                            Meets height/weight requirements

                            so if you don't meet height and weight requirements, you don't get the dr's signature

                            "Part C (the physical examination) should be completed if you are participating in an event that exceeds 72 consecutive hours, such as ...summer camps, and Wood Badge training courses." and you can't get the dr's signature if you don't meet the height/weigth requirement.

                            so much for the old out of shape/overweight folks going to the summer camp to act as commissioners directing boys to wash their hands before they eat, or going to a wood badge setting in a cabin if it lasts longer than 72 hours straight.


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                              The form says one thing where the dr signs

                              but the faq says the form is needed for summer camp, but the height and weight req don't apply for summer camps at usual bsa camps.

                              how do you convince a dr to sign that form when right there on the form it says the dr is attesting to the fact that the participant meets the height and weight req.

                              and if the height and weight are on the form, why does the dr have to even attest to that. it's a fact, they pass the height weight, or they don't.