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I'm Back!

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  • I'm Back!

    For whatever reason, when I tried to redo my password, it kept saying the info to redo my password was sent to my email, but I never received an email either in my regular mail or junk mail. Hence the A1 in my name.

    Unfortunately I typed to fast and hit the register button too fast to notice I put the wrong number in my name. Hence Eagle94 instead of Eagle92.

    So now I am...


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    Well we may have lost you, but as I tell my boys ...
    "It doesn't matter how many times you get lost,
    as long as you get found just as often."


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      LOST? Map and compass, just remember, map and compass.... you'll never get lost.... Okay, okay, correct map and compass, just remember, correct map and compass.... you'll never get lost... Okay did I get that right? Compass with the needle, not the math one... Got it? Where was I, I think I'm lost.....



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        Interesting. A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I seem to remember that there was some kind of unwritten rule for these forums that discouraged changing forum names (an exception was made for SR540Beaver). At the time I think it was to try to prevent 'trolls' (and there was indeed one particular annoying person who seemed insistent on popping up again and again under different identities). But in this case, since there is a mea culpa and since you have to start all over again with 'the count', I guess all is well,


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          Map???? Compass??? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING MAP AND COMPASS!

          True story. My sister and her family were visiting from out of town, and we were going to the beach with them for a weekend. Now I did some research to see if any construction was occurring on the roads we were taking, got the map out, planned it, etc. She said we didn't need all that, she had GPS and would lead. I tried to tell her about the construction, but she wouldn't listen. I followed her to humor her.

          WWWWWEEEEEELLLLLL, when we got to the construction it was a mess, and she was kinda helpless b/c her GPS would not give her alternate routes. I got her to pull over finally, told her to follow me, and used my map to get us to the beach.


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            Just curious, since you are starting all over, how many messages are you showing at the top of the page? Barry