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  • YANG (Yet Another New Guy)

    Hi All -

    I'm new to the forum, having seen it roll up in the Google results as I search for things...

    I'm a retired Cub Scout, Boy Scout (Eagle in '81), former Den Leader, Venture Crew Committee member, current Troop Committee Member, Wood Badge Graduate, and I know almost enough about Scouting now to be a danger to myself - hopefully not others.

    I joined here to find out if anyone can point me in the right direction on a few questions - my immediate issue is with regards to alcohol in uniform. I've been told countless times "no uniforms in the bar" - and yet my personal experience as a Scout includes the walking through the Legion bar back home to get to our basement meeting room, and at the end of the meeting, sitting at the end of the bar with the Scoutmaster, drinking the free coke after having made my 10-cent phone call home to let them know the meeting was over, come get me. I understand time (and regulations) change, but I'm now being challenged in my statement "no uniforms at events with alcohol".

    Sigh... If anyone could point me at a pertinent BSA publication, I'd very, very much appreciate it. And if it's not in fact true, and that it's a case of me being mis-informed, that's fine - I'd rather correct my own ignorance/misconceptions before they go much further.


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    A former DE promoted the idea that unit Committee meetings should be fun and interesting for adults, and suggested doing wine tastings as an example.

    Of course, this was a situation where no Scouts were present.

    I did that once and had good results with it.

    The rule I'm familiar with is "no alcohol when youth are present."

    But perhaps there is something further about uniforms generally.


    Interesting examples.

    My own personal bias would be to avoid parading youth through a bar to get to Scout meetings if another way to get to the meeting room was available. Usually I would want to see a second exit directly to the outdoors from a Scout meeting room, and if that was there I would use that to enter and exit from meetings.

    I'm not claiming these describe "the rules," they simply represent my judgment as to what is reasonable and appropriate for youth.

    I will be interested to read additional posts on your "no uniforms at the bar" question. What adults do when not around youth can be different.

    I would not invite a Scout to sit at a bar where alcohol was consumed as you describe it.


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      I don't think that there is anything in the BSA regulations and bylaws, however, sitting in a scout uniform at a bar is not a good thing.

      This is the closest thing I could find that might even come close...

      Insignia, Uniforms, and Badges


      Use of Uniforms

      Clause 6. The official uniforms are intended primarily for use in connection with Scouting activities as defined by the national Executive Board, and their use may be approved by the local council executive board for council events or activities under conditions consistent with the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America.

      While we're all not tea-tottlers (and I would be sipping on a burbon and coke myself) theres a better way. I'd wear a t-shirt under the official scout shirt, so that I could take off the "uniform" and relax. But that's only my opinion.


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        Don't know of the rule in writing, I know our District & council follows it.. If a district event says not to wear your uniform for a district/council social event, you know that most likely have alcohol involved.


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          Welcome to the forums. It's a fun place for thinking things through.

          Now for an opinion from the beer distributor's son:

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with a scout walking up to a bar and getting a soft drink. In fact training a boy that he can go to a social venue and not necessarily order alcohol is a good thing. (E.g., Seabase Bahamas, the boys are expected to refill their water bottles from the bartenders at the local resorts.) You should expect adult leaders to not drink alcohol when in their official capacity with the boys. Uniforms are completely irrelevant. You certainly wouldn't ask an adult to remove his if he's sitting at a stool after a meeting making sure boys get their rides home.

          That said, out of respect for parents, you want to make sure that if you hold a scouting function there, the boys have a place where alcohol (including advertisements for it) is out of sight.

          Also discuss this with the bar-tender. The club may have rules about non-members at the bar, and you want to respect those.


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            In Washington State it would be flatly illegal to permit those under age 21 to be present in a bar.

            I don't know if there is a BSA regulation against it, but I wouldn't sit Scouts down in a bar to wait for a ride.

            You may have your standards. Those are mine.


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              >> "no uniforms at events with alcohol".


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                Oh, and -


                Happy Scouting!


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                  Wearing a BSA uniform usually means you are attending a BSA activity. If the BSA activity meets the restrictions above than there can be no alcohol present.

                  We're not talking about "usual" here. We're talking about needing to make a call (or replenish a canteen) and the SM needing to show some accountability by avoiding one-on-one contact.

                  Obviously you need to respect any state laws, or bar rules!


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                    Well I will tell you for a fact that our council ignore that policy. Been to a couple of council level Dinners with youth present that served alcohol.


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                      I always took off the Class A, announced "I am officially off duty" and that was that.

                      My old Pack leader reminded us once you are a leader you need to remember boys will be influenced by the example you lead--no Tampa strip clubs for me! ;P