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Here is one to get things going

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  • Here is one to get things going

    An interesting piece from across the pond, guaranteed to stir the pot.

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    Oooh, that's gonna leave a mark someplace.

    And by the way, don't confuse me with facts....



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      While there may be a few vocal atheist here i think they are a very small minority.
      I think the larger percentage oppose a fundamentalist christian only mixture of scouting and theology. I would be included in that percentage whatever it is.
      A scout should feel welcome if they are christian or not. I think that the main point of frustration with this topic.

      And thanks for bringing up something to divide us once again. most helpful


      • Scouter99
        Scouter99 commented
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        That I've noticed, there are 3 "vocal atheists" here. 1 is a loudmouth troll, the other 2 aren't affiliated with BSA in any capacity and one of them is only around to gather info to help him with his website to excoriate BSA.
        So, which ones are we worried about dividing off?

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      I liked the comments left.. Especially the two, one stating Scandinavia is the least religious country, and have more single family homes (I assume it was to state they are less happy).. The next comment stated Scandinavia was ranked as having the happiest people in the world, which would then disprove the theory.. Don't know where either picked up those statics or if they are true.. But if true, that's funny


      • jblake47
        jblake47 commented
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        Define "Happy".....

        Always have to have some point of reference even if it keeps moving all over the place.


      • moosetracker
        moosetracker commented
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        I guess their definition of "happy" is as illusiveve as the articles definition of "unhappy" or "depressed:.. Which kindof states the article as junk science.. Sorry as stated I don't know where the stats were pulled.. The article is not filled with hard facts or figures.. I am sure if the study is out there it at least host some sort of criteria, though like this article they could be explained as pointing to something else..

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      I hate articles like these on a very visceral level. If you're really doing what Jesus did, you would physically and mentally be right down at rock bottom. No room for smugness in the Kingdom of Heaven.