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Can a pregnant teen still be a Girl Scout?

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    OK first of all,
    I don't think anywhere in any rules and regulations is there policy to discriminate against a young girl who wants to join your troop.
    -No matter what the situation-

    With that said..

    I think just like everyother person, she should be accepted. Those of you who express that you would be upset or angry if your daughter was in this troop and then she joined needs a reality check!

    How do you plan to shelter your children from the real world their entire life. In fact hopefully you proceed raising your child perfectly and have no bumps in your road. I think some of these responses' are disgusting and unbelievable.
    She is a human being. Accept her.

    YOU are not perfect.


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      Yes. I believe Girl Scouts is not age dependent but grade level dependent.

      Do your best to be honest, fair, friendly, helpful, considerate, caring, courageous and strong in your decision.


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        Well, since Heather started this thread last September, it would be interesting if she popped back to let us know what happened.

        But the baby was born in March, so the water is long under that particular bridge:


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          I disagree with your liberal attitude. When you make choices then you must live by them. Having a child is an adult choice. She forfeits her childhood and no it isn't ok to mix her with children whose parents did a better job.

          My wife and I have made job and personal choices to make sure we are at home for our kids, they have never come home to an empty house, they are both very active in sports and scouting. Neither have a cell or text device.

          Parenting isn't easy but it does mean having to act like one.

          Isn't it enough that the taxpayer is going to have to bear the burden for the baby.


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            OK, Basement, I'll rise to that bait - although I happen to agree with much of what you say (the way you say it is too dogmatic for my taste, but that's the way it goes) there is no evidence in this thread that this baby will end up a burden on the taxpayer. None. Her mother is obviously supporting her decision, yes there has obviously been some irresponsible bahavior, but you are way out of line. I know statistics are against her but people making assumptions like yours are probably making her life unnecessarily difficult. At least the young lady didn't get a convenient abortion - how conservative of her (using the original sense of the word - conserving a life).

            Reminds me of when we went to McDonald's with our adopted son from Guatemala and somebody made some crack (which I was obviously supposed to overhear) about "people bringing brown kids into the US for us taxpayers to feed." Obviously that person didn't have all the facts either.

            Vicki(This message has been edited by Vicki)


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              "Can a pregnant teen still be a Girl Scout?"
              Can a pregnant teen still be a Venturer?

              Matthew 7:1


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                Yep, rd, something about specks and logs:


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                  The adults involved with the Troop met and discussed what to do, and then we discussed the situation and all our feelings with the other troop members. Our concensus was that we would support "Pregnant Girl Scout" as much as we could, as long as she agreed not to make every meeting about her and her pregnancy. When I talked to PGS about our decision, she said she was relieved that we had chosen to treat her just like any other Girl Scout and that she would have a place to come where she could just be herself.

                  After kicking up this hornets' nest, the whole situation departed after a few weeks. PGS having real problems living at home with her mother, so she moved to another town to live with her grandparents. The baby was born in March, a girl, and both mother and daughter are doing well. PGS plans to return to high school this fall to complete her Junior year, with her grandparents babysitting. She was registered as a Juliet for the remainder of last year, but does not plan to register this year.

                  I would be lying to say I was not relieved to have the situation depart, but the Troop responded as a whole by spending all of the spring semester following a book called "Respect" from the Search Institute. It's all about knowing yourself, setting your boundaries and standing up for yourself. We've talked about friends, family, romantic relationships and sex. Not surprisingly, all of the Girl Scouts' parents were happy for us to talk to their daughters about romance and sex. A local doctor even came in to talk to us about sex misconceptions and sexually transmitted diseases.

                  I am very proud of the Girl Scouts in our Troop and the decisions they made regarding this situation. They never cease to amaze me.


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                    Heather, what a tough situation you had - but you handled it beautifully! You and your troop showed compassion and were able to use a difficult situation as an excellent learning opportunity for the girls. You and "your girls" should be proud of yourselves!


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                      It is nice to see that you are at least trying to facilitate a "Girl Lead" Troop.

                      At the Senior level that is a GREAT thing!


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                        I'm not going to get into you & your views and me and my views and how diff they are...Why waste my time?

                        Although I will say; since this a forum and is a place to give opinions -because if it wasn't we could then question it's existance....

                        Judgemental much??? and assume you know everything- Because every teen who has a child lives off yours, mine, and everyone else's taxes. It would be unheard of that she would step up and support her child regardless of her age while setting a great example for other children?

                        ~*NEWS FLASH*~... There are many people who AREN'T teens with children who you and all of us are paying taxes for.

                        I hope your child -if you have any- never has to go through something like this or as equal of a personal struggle? I would be curious if you were as eager to point your finger at yourself-since in that case it would be your fault- ( At least I think that's what your saying)as you are at others for being "poor parents".


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                          You know I hadn't read this part of your post before, Basement, "no it isn't ok to mix her with children whose parents did a better job." Wow. I must have flashed right past it to the part where you talked about taxpayers with no basis for your assumptions. I take back the part about agreeing with any part of what you posted.

                          Hope your kids and/or grandkids never make any bad choices.

                          Can't speak with authority about any other belief systems, but Christians are all about welcoming those who have erred into the community, so are Taoists. As long as you're willing to try and come back to the path, come on in!



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                            I couldn't agree with you more Vicki!


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                              Oh my children have made bad choices, but they are mistakes on a childs level. Broken windows, doors, fights, self hair cuts, broken arms, stitches, painting and markering walls, skateboard issues and on and on.

                              This is not a child's mistake.

                              If either of my children bring a child into the world before they are old enough to take care of it on their own there childhood is OVER. No scouting, no sports no toys. Job, Diapers and child care will be their life. I will full fill my family obligation and help take care of the baby but I will not be the primary care giver. Once born the baby deserves the same love and safe environment my own children were raised in and it will be available.

                              If we had few more stern parents we wouldn't have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the Industrialized world.

                              just curious what do you blame this high pregnancy rate on???????
                              Lack of parenting?
                              Lack of Religion?
                              Too much free time?
                              loose morals?


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                                Adult choices have adult consequences - no argument there. You can cross a bridge without even knowing you've crossed it. My 18 year old son is working through some of those consequences now.

                                But, Basement, you are way too willing to jump to really damning conclusions about people on little or no evidence. And to post that someone should be excluded from a community that might help them to make better decisions in the future says more about you than it does about that individual.

                                Matthew, Peter, and Paul are names that come to mind. Thank heaven they got a chance or two, eh?