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    I thought I'd also mention- I homeschool my kids. One of them does schoolwork a grade ahead of where she'd be based on age. When I have to state what grade she's in, I go by what grade she would be in in school, based on her birthday. Just because she is academically advanced, does not mean she is socially advanced. If she were a boy in traditional cub scouts, I would put her with the boys, who were in the same grade as she would be per age. I believe cub scouts is about having fun experiences and learning about a variety of topics, while having fun with other boys. It should not be like school!


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      It's a balance. My daughter was academically advanced. Started taking a full load of freshman engineering courses her senior year in high school. Son #1 talked her into staying in the dorms rather than commuting since she was gonna be there so much. I wanted to throttle him! But, turned out she was socially mature as well. Dad just needed to have a little faith .

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    Originally posted by smilestill View Post
    IT seems to me that advancement in cub scouts is less about responsibility and hard work, and more about what grade you are in. This confuses me greatly, and seems to contradict the stated goals of the program. Is it true that you do not need to complete the requirements of the program in order to advance? and that you advance if you advance a grade in school? Is, fundamantally, making a full orbit around the sun the only requirement for advancing?
    Is it possible to advance through the ranks faster? Can a child push through all the requirements and move onto the next rank in half the time, or does he need to then sit on his hands and wait for the sun to catch up with him?
    Very confused.
    If that is the case, then how can this happen?
    "So at the age of 12 years 3 months and 10 days Truman Cerney has become the youngest in US History."
    In Cub Scouts, advancement is from doing the requirements for the badge. The badge you work on is dependent on your age. Tiger cub aged boys work on the Tiger Cub badge. When they get older, they become Wolf Scouts. Wolf Scouts work on the Wolf badge. They only get the badges if they meet the requirements. If they don't finish the requirements in that year, they don't get the badge, they just start working on the next badge. So if that Tiger doesn't earn the Tiger badge, the next year he starts work on the Wolf Badge. A tiger who finishes the Tiger badge can't work on the Wolf Badge. It's not a continuous model of advancement, it's more of a quantum model.


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      The advanced/dedicated boys can do all the electives and earn lots of arrows, belt loops, pins, and other awards, so it's not like the boy is stuck in limbo between the time he earns his rank and moves up to the next.

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    We have a scout that repeated webelos 1. He was young for age when he started school and then skipped a grade. Leadership figured out that he would not have been 10 and able to cross over so he did he did the Webelos 1 items 2x.


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      I can't believe they made him do the same requirements twice. If he earned his Webelos badge, he's done with those requirements. He could have done some of the many other activity badges during his repeat year instead.