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  1. Hueymungus

    Online Training

    The new training is not complete. A lot of missing moduals.
  2. Hueymungus

    Touring Different Councils and Districts

    Hello from down south! https://www.cpcbsa.org/ We just re-did our page. I so surf your page and it is very nice. I too look at other Council's websites for info and ideas.
  3. Hueymungus

    Elective Timing - New Webelos/AOL Program

    You can only work on one Badge at a time. That's the big change as well. It is just like a Tiger working on the Wolf Badge, you don't do that. Cubscouts is NOT like Boy Scouts when it comes to Rank Advancement.
  4. Hueymungus

    Recruiting Nightmares

    You have to keep at it on all fronts. Emails via school, direct asks by parents when you see them at other school/sport functions, get your scout to give you a list of his friends he wants to have in scouting, contact parents directly and find families in the younger grades. You also recruite the kindergartner parents during the year. It takes several times to get people to a Join Night. But then you are NOT done. You keep Recruiting. ALL YEAR. I have been out of the Pack 3 years now, and I am still recruiting for them and others.
  5. Hueymungus

    Cub Scout Adult Leadership & Scouting Values

    If you did not go to camp for whatever reason, that is their (parents choice). It is not fair for the parents to ask you to do extra stuff based on things missed for the Scouts that were not there. Though, you could ask...if I did this you will pay me the entire camp fee for my services...
  6. Hueymungus

    Webelos &reviewing Their Books - Old Program

    Get Scoutbook. Sync with Scoutnet, then enable parents to log in and update what they need to. Have their Webelos update along side with them. This is after the DL signs off on the book. The WDL then goes in and accepts it all. Done.
  7. There are several non-national groups like this that are just within a Council. There is also Firecrafter in Indiana area. In Seattle there is the Silver Marmot. But that is at Camp Parsons and is now a Camp Staff based thing.
  8. Hueymungus

    World Scarf Day, Nostalgia, And Old Friends

    It started on Twitter several years ago and migrated to Linkedin and now it's on Facebook for a few years. They are also on Instagram. It is every year. I have been taking part for many years. It is a lot of fun. I actually conversed for a few years with the person who was coordinating it on Social Media for awhile. Nice guy. https://scouteradam.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/worldscarfday-is-august-1st-2/is a blog post I wrote years ago. https://www.facebook.com/Scout.Scarf.Day As to why the BSA does not advertise it....Have not a clue. I know that the Montana Council has a Event listed on their FB page.
  9. Hueymungus

    Using Facebook ... "page" Or "group"

    Have a Group. Set it to Closed. Only allow parents/scouts in of the Troop. Have a webpage for publicity and other features. Abide by the BSA Social Media guidelines.
  10. Hueymungus

    New Cub Scout Shooting Sports Rules

    Sounds like the Shooting Sports Committee Chair needs to call National and get clarification. As to hold shooting events at Shooting areas...yes, that is true. But not for Cubscouts as indicated earlier. While this forum is good to get ideas, it is not good for official rulings. I would call National directly if your local Council cannot clarify. And by local Council, I also include the volunteer that chairs that specific committee since they can find the answer quickly through their conections.
  11. Hueymungus

    New Cub Scout Shooting Sports Rules

    BB Gun and Archery can only be done at Council or District sanctioned events with proper guidence. It has nothing to do with the Beltloops going away. This has never changed. (I know that this is listed elsewhere, but this was the first hit when I Googled it.) http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/outdoorprogram/shootingsports/shooting_faq.aspx Q: What shooting programs can Cub Scouts participate in? A: Cub Scouts can shoot BB-gun rifles, slingshots, and archery in a council or district event, but not at a unit event. Catapults can be used during a unit-organized event.
  12. Hueymungus

    Challenges With Potential Asm And The Cor

    Key 3 Issue.....go sign books and see what the Scouts are cooking.
  13. Hueymungus

    Scoutbook Acquired By Bsa

    We switched to Scoutbook and dropped Troopmaster. So much easier. Plus, the BSA will be stopping the feed to any other application and only use Scoutbook.
  14. It is not about the CC and the Adults. It is about the Scouts. The CC is in charge of the Committee and helping the Troop do what it wants to do that is run by the PLC. If you have a large Troop, you will get those Scouts who know the soon to be Eagle Scout and go help/celebrate him as needed. An Eagle Project is part of Leadership and how he shows it. This is just another barrier that will happen in real life. It is not something that the CC can dictate. Again, the CC is out of bounds and needs to conform his schedule to the Troop or take another position elsewhere.