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Eagle earned, no registration

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    Units give out unofficial awards all the time. Unit leaders just need to get creative and do something meaningful that the youth / "scout" can look back and take pride in as he should because he's achived something special. Yes, it's mucked up by the unit leaders and the mother. But he has still achived something special.


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      What happened in the past happened in the past. Yes, the mom was an idiot and the old unit leaders were morons. But as Pumba said, 'Put the past in your behind."

      My issue is the current troop leaders are trying to solve the problem and in fact have a tentative solution, but the mom is still being an idiot and still doesn't want her son registered.

      So where is the problem now?

      No, I wouldn't really tell the scout his mother is an idiot, but you wanna bet she has no problems throwing the troop leaders under the bus?


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        This is a ridiculous situation. This kid has been running fast and loose at BSA events with no insurance, no medical forms, releases, etc.

        This is on the unit leaders. They didn't have enough spine to tell mom NO however many years ago.
        And no, he didn't earn Eagle. This is a bad joke. I'd have nothing to do with this.


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          The unit leaders have no good choices in this wierd situation. Given that the unit leaders have bungled, I think they have an obligation to do what they can to help, but the mom has to get on board as well and register her son and complete all required paperwork and pay past dues if any. I would also make clear the it is largely out of local hands and that national may decide not to award the eagle. That is all you can do and should attempt to do.

          The earlier post suggesting that all youth records be reviewed to see what other ugly surprises may await is sound advice.


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            So, BartlettBear, whatever happened with this situation?


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              Wowzers. I'm guessing there are no past rank advancements, are there?

              Yes, by all means, wash your hands of it. That Eagle registrar either is crazy or has no idea what he is going to get into.

              Now, I work for a council, and I've seen kids go for years without being registered. Usually a slip on someone's part. And yes, during that time, stuff gets written down by some one in the troop with the good intent of eventually officially recording it. This is a wild case where it happened pretty much on purpose, but I can see how it can get that far.

              First off, any back registration anyone would try to do is going to take FOREVER.
              Second, you are probably going to get some major approval to have any of those past never-officially-recorded things recognized.

              I'm sorry Billy did everything action-wise and I hate seeing the boys punished as well, but I think this is a life lesson for all involved.

              Congratulate the kid on all his hard work, but that's about it.

              And I truly hope this isn't a council that just sells stuff. Our Scout Shop is separate from the council and they've fired employees over selling stuff without the proper documentation.