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    Jac Shirt Patch

    It's interesting to see how these rules have changed since my youth. When I was a kid, our troop would alternate between Solmers (now Northern Tier) and Philmont. Many of our youth and leaders wore the Bull on the left shoulder, and the Loon on the right shoulder. I'm pretty sure it used to be written in the rules this was how they were supposed to be worn. I know once I finally make it to NT, I'll be wearing my Loon and Bull.
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    Arrow of Light Ceremony

    Anita: I would also like a copy of your ceremony. sqyire21@aol.com
  3. Sqyire21

    Webinars on New Cub Scout Program

    Since I'm sitting oversea's right now...any chance someone will be able to pull these up on national's website AFTER the fact? Hate to imagine waiting up until wee-hours of the morning for this..
  4. Sqyire21

    Webelos transition is nuts

    Alaskan: The answer to the question actually lies in the question itself...which is flawed. Unlike Boy Scouts, who earn/hold a rank and are in patrols (often based on similar ages/activites)...Cub Scouts are placed in Den's, based on ages. Each age is working towards their specific Award. Many people call them ranks, (in fact the national BSA site does as well) but in reality, they really aren't ranks at all, but awards. This is one of the many differences from Boy Scouts. So.. a boy in the 5th grade is still in the WEBELOS Den/Patrol...and working towards their Arrow of Light Award. (notice it's not called a rank...the Bobcat Badge is also not called a rank) The 'rank,' or 'badge' is only a symbol of the Cubs completion of the award for their year. This is one of the reasons a Cub can advance from one program to the other, without actually completing the award for their year. (which I have seen happen when I was a DL and Cubmaster) I'm sure there will be some disagreement over the titles, but this is my understanding.
  5. Is it bad I have no idea what a segment is? (former Cubmaster and Den Leader)
  6. Sqyire21

    Webelos transition is nuts

    Only 5? lol Some-how, we've managed to finish 10 in 2 months. (2 summer camps and a dad who knows how to read the book and take pictures of events tends to help) Webelos is a simple program...and there's no need to be 2 years.... but glad they are letting us finish what we started.
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    A couple of questions

    Just a thought: One of the things I did this year was have the Camp Counselor or Den Walker sign off my son's book for the things he completed at camp. This just made more sense...since I'm his Den Leader (again). This lets the Pack leadership know I'm not just signing everything off....and allows his scout book to have signatures other than just dad's. (not that he'll notice for 10-15 years) If no-one has ever told you...it's a good idea to keep a word document listing all of the awards and when they were earned. 15 years from now, you'll have forgotten a LOT of those first couple of scouting years and what he did and where. A simple word doc makes it easy to job your memory. I also suggest you place all of his scout books, hats, scarves and slides into a box each year. Boys don't take care of these things...but mom/dad can ensure he'll have them for years.
  8. Sqyire21

    1910 World Crest Ring?

    Wow.. if your shop actually has the 1910-2010 patch...I want a couple! I can't find them anymore.
  9. Page 21 of the 2013 version clearly spells this out....in an example already used in this forum. 2013 version: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf However, this is also a change from the 2011 version. (on page 17) 2011 version: http://boyscouttrail.com/docs/guidetoadvancement-33088.pdf Not sure this really helps anyone, but what the books says. (as a point of interest, for our pack, we allow unused parts for Wolf to count for arrow points)
  10. I find it interesting no-one mentioned the BSA Guide to Advancement. I know it's normally used by Boy Scouts, and not Cub Scouts, but if memory serves, this question is specifically addressed in that guide. I'll look to see if I have a copy digitally.
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    Some great idea's. TO answer the initial question: Read about it, then practice it.. then actually do it with the scouts. Making a paperclip into a magnet isn't that hard, and several of these are also easy. The trick is to inspire their curiosity... do something, then ask them why it worked. Ask them what they think will happen BEFORE you do it, and see if they are right.
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    Webelos transition is nuts

    Was comforting to read this thread. I've been complaining about this for months, and can't seem to get anyone to answer these similar questions. Thanks for everyone trying to get this issue fixed. At least when the BSA changes the Rank requirements, they allow several months.
  13. Sqyire21

    Flat Broke Pack

    Just a thought: Where are you chartered from? Church/school/American Legion? I've read a LOT of great thoughts on how to move forward, but I didn't see anything about what you're Charter Rep thinks. My former unit was chartered from an American Legion. Look in your town, and see if you have an AL or VFW, and send them a letter to request financial assistance. Many times, the AL and VFW both LOVE to support BSA and other youth Civic Organizations. I'm not saying they'll be able to solve all of your troubles....but it may be helpful to get $100-200 for awards. As suggested....talk to your District Rep as well. If you bring them in for a Friends of Scouting presentation... even if they don't get a dime..your end of year awards are paid for. That at least ensures you're able to present the youth something.
  14. So...my FB link for Scouting Magazine popped up with this information tonight. I keep asking, but can't seem to get any answers...was hoping maybe someone here has some further information. 1) New program starts in 2015....but what happens to the WEBELOS who are already half-way through their programs? - It reads like the WHOLE program is being revamped...so if the WEBELOS are only half-way through...do they start over? Just can't get any answers on this... 2) One article reads the Sports and Academics programs are going away...so...get your Belt Loops while you can! Anyway, just hoping someone knows something...because as a Bear Den Leader, who's expecting to be leading some new WEBELOS in May 2014...I'd like to be able to plan out the program! http://scoutingmagazine.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/new_cub_adventure_program_mg.pdf
  15. Sqyire21

    New Cub Scout Adventure Program - Starting in May 15

    I wish I could share your enthusiasm Ember...but if the NOVA program is any indication of the ability for National to 'Roll-Out' a new program....I expect Cub Scouts to be jacked up for years! Like many of the other folks have already said...at least I don't have to deal with it for more than a few months at worst. My next concern will be when they try to update the Boy Scout program a year later... just a few months after the Cub Scouts have moved to Boy Scouts. Yup... National really thought this whole thing out well.
  16. Sqyire21

    STEM at day camp

    Great advice. I'm being asked to assist with similar project here. Very interested in anything else you discover. Howarthe: Send me a PM with your e-mail, and I can e-mail you a NOVA book I've worked up. Might be some help..
  17. Sqyire21

    Crossing Early

    I find I will be in this situation next year as well. My son entered school too early, and age wise, he'll be ready for Scouts next year. My thought for the Scoutmaster: What does he do for newly recruited boys in the fall? Normally, ever Troop gets a few new Scouts in Aug/Sep. All you're doing is bringing in a youth who already knows a few things. When I was a Cub, I crossed over and took the summer off...then entered my troop in fall. I had all year to work on rank and woodcraft before summer camp. By the time I went to summer camp (about 8 months later) I was almost First Class (used to take a full year) and I was able to enjoy many more activities over the Cubs who waited. Bottom line: Only you know your son, and if you think he's ready...and he's eligible to join.. I find it hard to believe the Scoutmaster can deny his enrollment.
  18. Sqyire21

    Donations from Troop to Cub and Venture??

    As mentioned: I would have several concerns. As stated: Can you? Sure...my old unit used to receive donations from numerous locations. Should you? Sure...but I'd want EVERYONE in BOTH COMMITTEE'S invovled! Cub Pack should make a request to the Troop...and full committee should get a vote. This situation as you describe it sounds a little unusual to say the least. While I can understand the desire for a Troop to create a seed Pack...(what it sounds like he wants to do) and possibly a Venture program to advance the Troop into...getting everyone on board is very necessary. On top of that...if your own Troop really NEEDS the CC's help to maintain itself.. that's something you should discuss further.
  19. Sqyire21

    Survival Campout Ideas

    I certainly don't claim to be a survival expert, but I'll admit my Survival MB skills came in handy during Air Force Survival School. Was always one of my favorite lessons. When I was a Scout...we used to do 'Pocket camp-Outs.' You were allowed to wear military BDU pants, and fill them with your supplies. Then.. you had to survive on those items. Breakfast on Sunday was provided by the parents...who set up their own campsite nearby (in case of emergency) That being said...I like some of these idea's about field stripping chicken...classes about required lessons/items BEFORE the campout, etc. I would caution EVER letting scouts go off totally on their own. Send them off in pairs...allow them to camp in their own shelters, but remain close enough for help if needed. Also..this was one of the rare campouts we allowed (almost encouraged) sheath knives...due to usefulness and ability compaired to regular pock-knives
  20. Sqyire21

    New Cub Scout Adventure Program - Starting in May 15

    I guess you have a valid point...however I still have hope they can modify this in such a way to at least require some effort at the whole Cub Scouting Program before AOL is awarded. (but I can remember getting another WEBELOS in my den as a youth...and he got his AOL with us...even after only a short time..
  21. Sqyire21

    New Cub Scout Adventure Program - Starting in May 15

    Pack18Alex: While I certainly agree with your sentiment...the truth is, currently a boy only needs 6 months in Cub Scouting to earn the AOL...so that isn't much of a change. However, it looks like the whole program will be significantly changing ScoutNut: I agree, that is probably how I'll approach the program. As for the document....it was linked to the original article. I just thought it was the most comprehensive one. For my part...I plan to run my WEBELOS through as much of the program as I possibly can as quickly as I can.
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    Lettering on shirts....grrrrrrr

    I had this happen with a friend. I took my shirt (in pristine condition) to an alterations shop, and they were able to produce a new patch foreither $5 or $10. (I forget) I gave it to my buddy, and he had it sewn on his uniform. But start by asking them if they can, and showing them what you want. (some shops claim they know what you want...but a visual is always better)
  23. I wanted to do a poll to see how other Councils are managing their NOVA programs. I've heard of some councils requiring specialized training, certifications, etc. Also curious what other leaders are doing when they are teaching the individual and SUPER NOVA awards. Figure a good cross talk will help all of us provide a better program, as we develop our materials.
  24. Sqyire21

    Cub Scout & WEBELOS NOVA Award Conversation

    I think some of the links and comments made by others shows the difference in how councils are implementing this program. That was part of the reason for the original post. I'm looking at trying to teach Super Nova in my pack, but it seems my district doesn't have a really good system in place. As always, looking for ways to help each other with our programs. Hope others will continue to jump in.
  25. Sqyire21

    Early Advancement

    Some of this seems to be more about the person, and less about their age when achieving Eagle. i.e. A boy earns Eagle at 14...and then goes on to play ball or chase girls. Should we blame him for wanting to experience something different or new? Yes, the troop invested in him...but thats the purpose of the program. We're not building a company, we're building MEN! Perhaps... years later, either before or after college, he re-joins Scouting. Perhaps as a parent or perhaps before marriage. Possible he tries to rejoin Scouting, but finds his youth inhibits him. (he's not yet a father, so other leaders question his motives for being there) I've seen several adult leaders who come back to scouting for their own reasons...some earned Eagle, many did not. I've also seen several friends who earned their Eagles, who left scouting to never return. This part of the conversation would make for a great research project however.