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ann that is his right to do so.....As a Troop leader you have absolutely no say in what goes on in the Pack.



I would like to think he has the boys best interest in mind.



But until you know the person you can't make the call....Especially with one sided information on the internet.



So as a Troop leader you get the CM removed???? On what grounds???? As a parent in the Webelos den what am I


So far nothing I see is breaking any rules.....Sure it makes ya made, but really nothing you can do about it.




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Ahh! You are witnessing the birth of an adult led troop! The adults are engineering a program that can be expected to slide boys right into the Eagle's Nest with a minimum of fuss and bother.


I don't know of anything that would interfere with adult plans to carry out such a program.

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Thanks to everyone for your great input, it helped me put see this in many different ways. It in important to understand how others see things. When people are willing to cast stone and not willing to talk and work out the problems it makes you realize that their motives are not to make things better, but to tear them apart.

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I've seen this a few times, you have very aggressive adults who are building their unit by aggressively taking advantage of fair minded adults who just don't think that way. They simply dont care what happens to your unit. It has nothing to do with the performance of your troop program, it's only about making there troop the biggest and best.


If this is the case, getting them out of the pack is the first step to get the conflict out of the cub program. It won't completely go away but it will help. Then I would call the DE and ask for advise (help). Your pack is going to be a battle ground in the future for two troops. That is fine when the troops aren't overtly aggressive, but it drives families out of scouting in situations like yours.


In my experience however, adults like this don't usually backdown very much even after a third party counseles with the two units. Hopefully your COR is understanding, but there is only so much that can be done. Don't loose you composer, I have seen friendships lost over it. Run the best programs that you can and just be proactive in letting the families in your pack know about you troop program.


Good luck.



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Hi there:


I generally agree with what many of the contributors here have stated.


Apparently the CC/CM forsee an issue within how your Troop is run. Troop Meetings are not there for Merit Badge work. Merit Badges are done outside of Troop Meetings. If a Scout wants to work on a MB, then follow the procedure of the Scout asking the SM (or unit leader) for a list of MBC's and they contact the MBC and go from there. It is up to the MBC to sign-off.


If your SMC/BOR's are set-up to re-test what is learned for rank/MB, that is really not the point of them. It is a review of how the Scout is doing within the Troop and their goals. It is also time to guide them on how to better improve their skills. It should be before that point of the SMC/BOR that the Scout is tested to pass those requirements so they are signed off on. If the Scout is lacking in said skills, and is sign-ed off on, then look toward those who are signing off. I suspect THEY need more attention to detail.


That could be a valid reason that you do not see and they do.



Taking over the Troop Leadership of the smaller Troop. Sure, why not. If the other Troop sees the CC/CM coming and they want to invite them into a leadership position, that is up to them. It's not Red Dawn and they cannot just come in and TAKE YOU OVER.


Journey to Excellence is a wonderful program. Yes, it helps the District Exec and other metrics. Yes, it can show how good you are on several points. Can it be manipulated. To some degree, yes. But, it can help a Unit fix areas. It is also a good tool for Parents/Scouts to judge you on. It forces the Unit to have a list of what they do during the year. It's no the end all be all deciding factor to join. You could have very boring outings that include going to the same car camping state park that is 20 miles down the road each year.


As to getting the CC/CM relieved of their duties. What will that do? It will just piss them off even more and spread bad tidings towards your Troop. Is this the only Pack in the area? What about other Packs? What are you doing there? Are your Den Chief's any good? Are their complaints about them? Den Chief's represent your Troop. Maybe the Den Cheif's are complaining about you?


As a Cubmaster myself, I do not advocate for just one Troop. 97219 is my area, look it up on beascout.org. I have been pointing the Webelos to various Troops. Our main one that we have been going to since I have been in the Pack is not my first choice. I have my issues with them. Yes, my DE knows it. I also have been indirectly offered the Scoutmaster position. Do I want it? No. But, I am not pointing people away from that Troop. I include them and another in Pack Meetings and events.


If you have a program that stands on it's own sans JTE, then the Scouts will come.


What can you do with the current Pack Committee? Not much. You could ask their Unit Commissioner what they know about the situtation. Since your a parent in the Pack, start asking the parents at the meetings. Surely they know your the CC of a Troop.


Besides, if the Scouts who crossover into that other Troop don't like it. It's only $1 to transfer to yours.

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