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Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

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On 8/17/2019 at 5:29 PM, SubSM said:

I appreciate your thoughts. It is good to hear a different perspective. 

My original point had less to do with parents attitudes towards sports (or scouts for that matter), and more to do with the bigger push for competing in sports over participation in scouts. I too have seen very aggressive parents in scouting. 

The question I am really looking for an answer to, is how do we as scouters help facilitate a program that draws the interest of more of today’s youth?



Adventure.  We have to be brave enough to go on out of the ordinary adventures with the Scouts.  We have to be willing to go into the back country backpacking or canoeing/kayaking.  We have to be willing to climb through the cave.  We have to be willing to set up camp in the monsoon.  

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