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Roundtable goes the way of the Dodo......

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I like RT ... especially this time of year, since this is when most of the "new faces" start showing up.


I especially enjoy getting to talk to leaders from several units - to see how they do things.


I am fortunate to have a pretty good Cub RTC, with a great staff -- and a great Scout RTC - he's double the attendance.


Soon we are starting a Venturing "forum" with 9 Crews in the District (6 of which are not LDS) we need to start serving our Sr Scouting programs better.


We did something interesting this last year ... if you want to chit-chat and not be part of the actual RT, then we have a spot for you with couches and chairs where you can talk - and not drowned out the RTCs and their staff. That has really made the RT move along much better.


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Our RT is run a bit differently, I think, than some of y'alls. We have a 30-45 minute meeting as a whole (Boy and Cub) with Council running it, giving out council awards, info on camping, etc. Then we split into two groups--Boy Scouts in one, Cubs in the other--and each group meets for 30-45 minutes on topics relavent to that group.


I would be ok with a virtual RT, because we live outside our district (moved in August) and are 45 minutes from the RT site.

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I like going to roundtable, I enjoy networking and meeting other scouters. So does dh. But the reality is that it is another evening meeting to squeeze into our family schedule that is already dominated by BSA. I think a virtual roundtable is a good option for folks like us. We can get information/announcements that we would otherwise miss on our own time.

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>>>> Our RT is run a bit differently, I think, than some of y'alls. We have a 30-45 minute meeting as a whole (Boy and Cub) with Council running it, giving out council awards, info on camping, etc. Then we split into two groups--Boy Scouts in one, Cubs in the other--and each group meets for 30-45 minutes on topics relavent to that group.

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I use to loathe going to RT, for the longest time. 45 min of district announcements and then break out sessions for another hour, which usually meant going through a simulated Pack meeting. I was looking at two maybe two and a half hours, once I got done with chatting with some friends and tugging the ear of the different chairs for information.


Now, I actually enjoy it, they've got district announcements to around 15-20 minutes, and breakouts for 35-40 minutes. Get in, get out, get the job done. Our district has done a great job of making the breakouts productive. Last month, our breakout was titled "how to be a lazy leader" Tips and tricks for recruiting volunteers, and delegating responsibility. This month, they are devoting the segment to Overcoming the fears and myths for New Leaders. I will be dragging our new DL's to this one, I'm sorry..Highly encourage them to attend.


Every couple of months, they have some of the troops do Dutch Oven cooking for everybody. at least we get a sugar high from the cobbler, instead of bad coffee and store bought cookies!

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Unless there is value in a roundtable, people won't come regularly. Ours is somewhere in between - it is good to get to know some people, but it's a lot of time investment. The information is almost entirely something that could easily be distributed via the district email list. And I think there are lots of better contexts for getting to know the rest of the Scouters.


We had a roundtable where we planned the district camporee. Each group decided what they were doing for their station. This was useful - they needed something from me, I got relevant information, and I got to hear from other people what they were planning. This is the exception - the great majority of the time I would miss nothing other than rubbing a few elbows.


I think I'd be better informed if there was a concentrated effort to distribute all the equivalent information via email.

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If they wanted a safer test pilot, I would think the first place to start would be the Council wide Programs meetings.. Or the District Committee meetings.


Council wide is good. I am not saying they aren't but if people are complaining about the drive within their own district, imagine the commute of some to go to something located within the council.. The begining is a do-over of announcements that you hear at your round-table, and the break-outs are good, but could easily be done in one of those (not sure what you call it), but it is like a virtual classroom that anyone could get the floor and talk in.. It would allow those who don't come because of the travel, get to go.. Of course this is where you do rub elbows, get to know people and may get to meet the "right" people if your are angling for a specific district/council or some other BSA position.


Our District meeting is ok, but it is not like they suggest. Where you are to have your group for each program meet and the DE & DC walk around to get to know how each group is doing. Rather it is in too small a room for that. And only the Chairs of the positions come and we sit around the table and hear each others reports.. The virtual could give us the ability to meet with our own groups, as more would tune in if all they were going to deal with was Training (if in the training group) or Advancment or Membership or whatever..


If those failed then it is quick to revert back. If they are successful THEN try roundtable.. I think going for RT first is very risky. If they try and fail, it will be hard to get people interested in a renewed RT that they have to drive to.. It will just be as you say history, and go the way of the Dodo..

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Talk about a flashback......


My first roundtable visit. I was a brand new tiger cub den leader, been an adult member of the BSA two weeks, no shirt, the only adult scouter I new was the cubmaster.


I show up, sign in and head for the coffee and the group generals standing around. As I walk up the conversation always seemed to stop....... fine, I am new. I found a see and enjoyed my coffee, hey my CM showed up, he didn't even know who I was when I went to speak to him. One of those moments you try to forget. Well he disappeared to the OA meeting going on at the same time.


Meeting starts, usual stuff.....we break into BS and Cubs. The Cub RTC name was Judy and her Eagle scout son ran it. Well mercifully there was some other snubbed noobs in there with me so I met some folks. So the meeting starts, she asked if there are any eagle scouts present, I raise my hand and so did another fellow.....she then holds up a stick that had been whittled upon. And tells us to identify it.......well it had been 30 years ago, neither of us had a clue...


So she looks at her son and says,"More 70's indoor eagle scouts...not really eagles by today standards" they both laugh...... It was a fuzzy stick....I have never seen a soul waste the time to make one......


Nice intro to Roundtable....Ya know I have hiked, camped, fished and hunted my entire life and being ridiculed by the fat woman and her fat son because I did not know what that waste of time project was.......Wow.


she was awarded the silver beaver as a side note. This is probably one of the reason I look on the award in a less than positive light.


The other eagle looked at me and called her a jerk....I agreed. He and I are still pretty good scouting friends.



I keep hearing and experiencing scouters who view themselves as superior making fun of the new adults. Training, yep.......Good old boys clubs, yep......



forgot all about it......wow

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So Basement...what's your point?




You know, one thing I always try to do is see the new people's perspective. I still remember joing to the sign up night at the school with my son.


It was a very dauntinmg experience. I almost turned it down. Matter of fact, I was going to turn it down but my son insisted.


I relay that to all new and existing parents and scouters at our orientation meeting.


I make sure our experienced leaders are aware.



Yeah, the woman targeted you, put you on display and made fun of you. Eagler material she is not!


I can't say I blame you for not liking RT. Our RT might have been like that once, but luckily for me, it's not that way now. WE dio have one lady who thinks everybody wants to hear every single detail about what her kids are doing and what honor group they are in...but she doesn't compare them yo ours..she just braggs.


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Wow some of these roundtable horror stories are truly pathetic and sad. Thank goodness I guess I was lucky the RT's in my councils were usually pretty good and when they weren't there were always some great scouters to talk with.


Basement, with your experiences at RT and Wood Badge I am really surprised you even stayed in scouting, I am not sure if I would have.

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