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  1. Scouts in our Troop turn 16 and just expect to be made a JASM. Then they sit around and do nothing. Personally I hate the position because of what represents in our Troop
  2. He should only wear the Ordeal sash until he seals his membership to Brotherhood. Have him tough it out until then. Shouldn't be that long.
  3. Congrats to all of the above! Bragging of my own to do. My oldest son will be called out for Vigil Honor this weekend. I personally received Vigil last year and I am way more excited for him than I was for myself. He has served our Lodge selflessly and tirelessly and it is very well deserved! I personally get to call him out and his Mom (who is also a Brotherhood member) will be there to watch. Can't wait! My youngest will finally be on the ballot this month so here is to hoping he is elected so he can finally join the rest of the family.
  4. We will be heading there for Conclave this April but I have never been there for summer camp. I have been to Arkansas for summer camp and I can tell you it is hot and very humid.
  5. Good luck and have fun. Be prepared to get a lot of information in a short amount of time. Sleep when you can!
  6. We always used straws but you have to watch that they do not use them to push their boat.
  7. Welcome aboard. Enjoy your stay.
  8. That is awesome and pathetic all at the same time. Awesome that he did it simply pathetic that he got a bill. But what would one expect in today's world...
  9. We have informed our Crew that we are not a dating service so no dating between members. Period!
  10. As an adult involved in all three levels I welcome it. I cannot tell you the # of times I have said the wrong words and looked foolish!
  11. They did say that it was based on a recent study done by the BSA and it was being implemented nationally. He went on to say that they were moving to doing it online at the national level. They felt that more people would "attend" and Skype type meeting than actually go to a meeting with real people.
  12. At our last District Committee meeting someone was mentioning the fact that we were in need of a new RT Commish for Boy Scouts. Our District Commissioner and Executive both responded that the BSA is eliminating RT for all levels. Has anyone else heard this?
  13. We had the same issue as Eagle92 but it was a staffer and a participant. Still makes for good jokes!
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