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Alassa Eruvande,


First of all, welcome to the virtual campfire.




I am a Venturing Crew advisor for Civil War/WW II reenacting. We have been operational now for about 10 years and are extremely safe in all that we do. It is known that this can be a dangerous hobby and we realize that and take "over-the-top" precautions in training and establishing safety standards for our personnel and the personnel standing anywhere near them. We have walked off the field of a reenactment because the boys and leaders became uncomfortable with a situation that developed that was becoming unsafe for our standards.


Having been in contact with Irving, it has been approved that whatever is deemed safe by the hobby is acceptable for the Venturing Crew to pursue.


Yes, all the boys have Hunter's Safety certification and must be re-tested annually (or any time we see an infraction of safety standards). A person (Crew member or reenacting adult on the field) can be removed from the event immediately upon seeing a safety infraction that threatens themselves or anyone else around them.


I hope this calms your fears, but it does point out that G2SS is not without reason but offers up a general basis for overall safety of our boys.


I am an administrative assistant to the staff of the general manager of a multi-national, mega $$'s corporation. One of the staff members is the Safety Manager. I do know OSHA and its importance, and one of my three required rules in my troop #1 is Safety First!!!!


I hope this eases your mind. However, I do sell/recommend military assault rifles to children on the side (well, actually I sell it them to parents who are buying them for their children.) :)




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Thanks everyone for your comments. I think evmori summed it up well. I pretty much knew this before posting but I wanted to give an example of how Scouting urban legends begin.


I plan to do some outdoor cooking with my Bear Den. It will be interesting what fellow leaders will say about this now that this has been published in our Council's newsletter.


They plan to have a similar article in November dealing with Boy Scouts. I will post that as well. It should be interesting to see what they have to say.

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Now the Webelos misconception, first the only difference between a W1 and 2 is the grade/age of a Webelos, the program is the same the W2 are just about finished. What you called Webolos 3 and assuming this because you said they were in a troop, is used by LDS troops. They divide up their program strictly by age because their responsibilities in their church are done like that. The Boy Scouts 12-13, Varsity 14-15 and Venturing 16-17 are under the Young Mens Presidency, while the Cubs 8-10 (no tigers) and 11 year old Boy Scouts are the Womens Relief Society. Im out here in Washington, at least a third of units are chartered to LDS wards (4 units to each). You work in any position above the unit level you get exposure to their unit structure. The 1st year Boy Scouts, will generally not meet with the other Scouts, goes on only 3 overnights and does not go to summer camp. It did fit better until the BSA in the late 40s lowered the ages of Boy Scouts to 11 and Cubs to 8, thus they created a first year program but are registerd as Boy Scouts.

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November's council newsletter is out:


Are You as Smart as a First Class Scout?

1. Tour permits are not needed for Patrol outings.

True___ False___

2. All Boy Scouts can participate in horse treks.

True___ False___

3. Older Scouts cannot drive motorized off road bikes.

True___ False___

4. Older Scouts cannot fly airplanes.

True___ False___

5. Boy Scouts can participate in flight school.

True__ False___

If you answered TRUE to any of the above questions,

please read the following sentence outloud:

I am not as smart as a First Class Scout!

Have you read your Age Appropriate Guidelines information sheet lately?

Download one at http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/Age-AppropriateGuidelines.aspx

Plan on taking the Are You as Smart as an Eagle Scout? quiz in the January 2010 Scroll.

Brought to you by your Risk Management Committee

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And from January's newsletter...


Are You as Smart as an Eagle Scout?

1. Hazing is permitted at OA events.

Yes___ No___

2. Scouts do not have to report verbal abuse.

Yes___ No___

3. An Eagle Scout can supervise a swim activity.

Yes___ No___

4. A float plan is only needed at Council events.

Yes___ No___

5. Hazardous Weather Training is an optional training.

Yes__ No___

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please read the following sentence outloud:

I am not as smart as an Eagle Scout!

Plan on taking our Are you as Smart as a Scoutmaster in the March edition of the Scroll.

Have you read your Age Appropriate Activities lately?

Check out the link to this important information at http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/ageguides.pdf

......Brought to you by your Risk Management Committee

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Dances, first of all it sounds like the questioner meant a youth Eagle Scout, not an adult Eagle. The point being that an adult must supervise a swimming event. I believe that adult also should have completed Safe Swim Defense training. Or is that, "must" have completed? I am not sure whether it is mandatory. It is in our troop.

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