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Arrow of Light requirement

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I am an arrow of light den leader and we are working on the "Building a better world" requirement.  One of the options which my group wants to do is to connect and correspond with a scout in another country.  Specifically they selected the UK.  I thought with the internet that would be easy and boy was I wrong.  I reached out Scouting UKs facebook page, sent a message through the contact information form on their website and have been completely ghosted.  I have not been able to find a UK specific general forum like this one.  Did any succeed at this requirement and if so how?  Anyone have any ideas?


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Cambridgeskip is a good bet if he's stopping by. If not, have you been on reddit? There have been a few UK people on there in the past few months looking for the reverse. You could also always try Bear Grylls. He does answer some queries. We did Canada because I had nephews in Scouts Canada. My scouts were impressed with how much they camped in the winter, the fact that they don't have snow days, and that they, at that time, had to swear an oath to the queen. 

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