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Unit Recharter Struggles

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The issue both he and I highlighted was the fact that BSA at all levels "knew or should of known" the imminent threat of CSA throughout the organization. The documented knowledge of that irrefutable e

You make several interesting points: Traditionally, we know from observation that the majority of chartered organizations have acted more in the role of a benevolent landlord rather than treating

Makes sense.  Dioceses are independent businesses with their own lawyers AND their own state oversight requirements.  For example, my diocese has legal reporting requirements to the state AG as part o

Our 50 year old Troop 618...with about 70 boys and 15 girls....was ditched by those spreading false information and inciting paranoia enough that the Council has just voted to stop Chartering....50 years.    Pardon my sermon here, but in the eyes of God, no one sin is worse than another....that idea comes from us.   So:  Abuse of a young man and lies and false witness to get rid of a 50 year Troop...are both sins.   We recoil at the 'abuse' one but look away at the other one.   ..........  A Nearby Lutheran Church somewhat accidently received word of the need of a CO for this Troop....and they jumped at it !    New Welcome and Friendly and Supportive CO for Troop 618, Beaverton, Oregon.  That prayer was answered, whether you all believe that or not.     It is a small church but has a Pre-School and Kindergarden so has a huge Gym and a huge Parking Lot...!!   And those who sign checks do not have to be Members of the Church, unlike before.    There were no 'records' in thowe 50 years of any abuse charges.  There were about 6 Scoutmasters and 5 COR's interviewed none of whom had any knowledge of any abuse.  That doesn't ensure that there wasn't any, but none of memory or record.     In fact, so far there has been but one claim made in the Synod (Diocese) of our Lutheran ELCA...and it is not vetted...and may not be.    But building on paranoia and false info .....Council members were 'afraid' to continue.  Obvioulsy the only one in the State and Snyod who were spooked.   The harrassment of the leaders of this Troop was deplorable with new hoops to jump through being a constant...the suspicion being that they could harrass enough that the Troop would just leave on their own and then 'no blame' for those men.      Except we all knew....sorry., this particular incident will never have the justice it is due and I am 'trying' to move on.


Hooray for Scouting!  Hooray for those who are 'trying' to accomodate the multitude of demands and comjplaints out there.     We must help.


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Glad to see some one else stepped up. I would question for how long? If the biggest player on the Block UMC see's the writing on the wall as to risk verse cost  many other smaller  church and private groups will be following inline. My personal belief is that many of the smaller groups have been waiting to see what the UMC would do ,now that it's out they will be following the UMC lead.

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