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10 hours ago, SiouxRanger said:

Where would I find the BSA review process rules or BSA patch design requirements?  I've designed about half a dozen patches over the years, all through my council, and professional staff never made mention of rules, other than the flour-de-lis had to appear on an official patch.


Guide to Awards and Insignia, pages 15-17


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“ Now, they really do have patch sensors who arbitrarily approve or reject designs that are created by local artists.  Well, if that isn't infringing on the constitutional rights of freedom of speech

Then you have been defending something you don’t understand. The Bill of Rights protects you/us from the government infringing on our government from infringing on our inalienable rights. Please stop

Do you really think the US Constitution protects you from the BSA saying you can’t design a patch with its logo as part of it? 

Also, if the patch includes any of the following words, phrases, or images it must be approved by BSA.


If the COUNCIL is the one purchasing/making the patch, then my understanding is that it is OK since BSA grants the LCs rights to use. But if you want to go out to your local print shop and make your own, no dice.

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34 minutes ago, CynicalScouter said:

But if you want to go out to your local print shop and make your own, no dice.

Now, a Scout is Obedient and Trustworthy, but if you go to certain overseas suppliers, they don't seem to care. 

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