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medical insurance question

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34 minutes ago, mashmaster said:

OK, so what happens if on a campout we need to take him for medical attention?  I am not trying to be dense, I just want to be sure I do the correct thing.

I would presume parents would need to be guarantors for payment at any medical facility.  The hospital will likely not decline to treat, but they would be in contact with the parents on who is paying for the treatment.  Maybe have your medical form person (if you have one) or CC have that conversation with the parents on what process they may want you to follow.

I do not think we have run into that one before

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2 hours ago, mashmaster said:

 is there anything that I should be doing?

Vote for Bernie?  I kid, I kid.

AS DavidCO said, ER if you need to, otherwise take your cue from the parents.  Many councils provide Health and Sickness coverage for injuries and illnesses arising from scouting activities.  Check with your council to see if this applies.


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