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EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Brotherhood Time Requirement Change

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I always worry and fret too nuch beforehand.  Most of the horrid  scenarios that play out in my head as I'm trying to fall asleep never come to pass.  

Two and a half days out and we still don't know who two of the principal's will be played by.

Guess I'll figure it out when I get there.  

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Well OA is an outside organization for scouts of a specific interest, specifically camping and service. It is (was) viewed as an honor organization because the members peers picked them out specifical

One day I'll have to introduce you to MY kid...

Alas, nowadays it's only about numbers and designing lodge flaps.

On 11/5/2019 at 7:42 AM, Oldscout448 said:

On a somewhat related topic,  our chapter was asked to perform the Ordeal ceremony.  The request came last Sunday!  Two of our best guys are taking their  gf  to their high schools homecoming dance.


A Webelos den leader approached me to ask that we plan and run a scouts skills day for her Webelos. I asked the PLC and one scout stood up and said he would be glad to do it. Two weeks later he approached me with a smile and said, "don't worry, I can't be there, something came up. But, I am making sure it will go well." The Den leader called me two weeks later and said they had a fantastic day with our scouts. 

If your two best guys are any good, they can take care of it. And hopefully you have a great story to inspire young scouters in the future. 


Whoops, I didn't see you last post. But, I'm confident a great story is coming. 

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On 11/10/2019 at 5:11 PM, Oldscout448 said:

Well, as a start to the story we now have a charming young lady who wants to join the ceremonies team.  Which  probably deserves its own thread. 

And, we will see a lot of that in Lodges around the country.  The girls in my council are gung-ho about getting involved in OA, Mic-O-Say, and camp staff.  Where it sometimes feels like pulling teeth to get a boy to step up into a leadership role,  it seems like there are more than a few girls that are wired for it.

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