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Best comfort items & traditions for summer camp

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19 hours ago, chief027 said:

I’ve spent time at multiple camps the one I work at currently i usually wear boots. However at my council camp I generally wear tennis shoes because it’s super flat.

What program area do you work in? I’m with first years, so I’m constantly on the move.

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Yes, it's mighty inconvenient when the squirrels and chipmunks get into your snack supply...

Daughter always had a deck of waterproof cards in her pack. I have a range of mocha pots (and demitasse cups), and choose the one most suited for the number of espresso drinkers and type of trip.

I remember my son's first summer camp experience.  He was in a hammock overnight and some other scout got a food package from home.  A racoon stole the package and decided to eat right under the hammo

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