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What do any of you think this means. 

Thinking of making this a ticket item for Woodbadge.

I think Section Training for Counselors, Means that Training for Counselors is mandatory for merit badge counselors! What do you think after reading the section?

This is in the front of Guide to Advancement

Mandated Procedures and Recommended Practices
This publication clearly identifies mandated procedures with words such as “must”
and “shall.” Where such language is used, no council, committee, district, unit,
or individual has the authority to deviate from the procedures covered, without the
written permission of the National Advancement Program Team.
Recommended best practices are offered using words like “should,” while other
options and guidelines are indicated with terms such as “may” or “can.” Refer
questions on these to your local district or council advancement chairs or staff
advisors. They, in turn, may request interpretations and assistance from the
National Advancement Program Team.

This is what I would like information on meaning from forum users. Training for Counselors
The council or district advancement committee must assure
counselors understand the Boy Scouts of America’s aims,
methods, and mission. It is also important they know how
Scouts can learn and grow through the merit badge process.
To enhance the merit badge counselor experience, the
presentation “The Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling”
was developed. It can be downloaded from www.scouting.
org/advancement and featured in merit badge counselor
training events, or delivered as part of a wider experience
covering several levels of Scout leader training. Where a
counselor corps is organized into groups based on the
popularity or subject matter of badges, with “head
counselors” for each group (see below), there is also an
opportunity for “on-the-job coaching.” This is helpful where
individual counselors need a better understanding of the
merit badge plan.

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A committee member in our troop was frustrated by the counselor misinformation throughout the district, so she created a course for counselors the scouts in our troop were using. The course was so successful that district asked her to teach one course each year. Well they wanted more courses, she said only one. She started the course teaching the Aims, Methods and Mission before moving on to the rest of the training. She would answer many of the participants questions by referring to the Aims, Methods and Mission so that they would not get side tracked on advancement as the primary goal.

That was 15 years ago, so I don't know what District is doing now. But I would say it's a worth while ticket item depending on how you plan to repeat the course. What would you consider to be the completion of the ticket item?


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Your answer makes is sound like you know me? Not sure atm what I would consider as completion of the ticket item. Would mostly depend on if others agree with what I think that the section is saying on guide to advancement. As it stands now national says that they do not mandate training for counselors. But I believe that this section of guide to advancement says that training for counselors is required. I also believe due to experiences I have has as a merit badge counselor that counselors should be trained yearly online.

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I was also the staffer (ASM) at Woodbadge who approved ticket items. You need to have a clear explanation of when each ticket item is finished. Like the end of the first course. Or 3 courses. Or whatever. The shorter, the better. 

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