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11 minutes ago, Hawkwin said:


As a merit badge counselor, I agree to

Follow the requirements of the merit badge, making no deletions or additions, ensuring that the advancement standards are fair and uniform for all Scouts.

• Have a Scout accompanied by his buddy during all instructional sessions.

• Keep my Youth Protection training current.

• Renew my registration annually if I plan to continue as a merit badge counselor.

Good points.

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6 hours ago, Hawkwin said:

Can you not take the class online and complete the application to become registered or will the council ignore/decline such submissions? Seems like requiring an in-person class, especially for individuals that are not registered volunteers (e.g. professionals that are simply wishing to help their local community by being MBC for their area of expertise), would significantly reduce the applicant pool.

Absolutely make it online. I have a real problem getting adult personnel to in-person training. 

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