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Who moderates the moderators

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I know, I KNOW! The moderators work very hard and we are grateful for their help. I would certainly enjoy meeting anyone of them and buying them lunch or differ.

 I certainly don't want the job. Do I?

But, that doesn't mean they are good at moderating or even do it right.

Are moderators trained?

Are they critiqued?

And shouldn't the rest of the list have some kind of tool to rate or comment moderators performance.

And, if our posts quietly disappear (other moderators even comment on post ghost),  shouldn't the poster at least get a notice and explanation of their foul. 

I do realize forums are not democracies and the owner and rules are set by the owner. There is no free speech in forums. Still, are the moderators guided, or just left to their own agenda, emotions.

Maybe I'm out of line, let me know. 

Thank you for your time.


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If it’s like gaming boards it’s guys who get to know the board owner and share their views. They try to be fair but usually end up showing favoritism in some way or form. Some are good and some not. It’s like anything else I suspect. On those boards people just ignore them. 

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I'd guess the answer might be whoever it is that actually owns this board.  Who is that anyway?

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