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Does your Council/Camp rent out gear to units?

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Your unit can make arrangements with the ranger at one of our camps to put-in upriver, and he'll deliver the boats to the launch and recover at the landing at noon or day's end (depending on your float plan).


I think you can also use climbing gear if there's a qualified COPE and climbing instructor. Not sure if there's a surcharge. Health and safety paperwork is involved.


Maps, compasses, GPS, are standard fare at most camps, and council has a collection on loan. Not sure if anyone ever gets charged for using them.


Don't know about the track. It's so easy to make one from scrap lumber. Never thought that anyone would want to rent one.

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Pinewood derby tracks in our area are owned by many Packs and are available to other packs on a loan and/or rental basis.  Our Council camp does rent out equipment on a seasonable/available basis as do units in the council. Winter activities are not common so skis and snowshoes are available only through commercial and educational sources.  Our local university does well with being one such source.  A ski shop in town rents skis and boots for about $10/day which is great for the units that don't wish to invest in such expensive equipment which is used only for a couple of months a year.  There are camps in the area that specialize in winter activities and do have equipment to use during the programs they offer.  Usually they are extremely busy during the winter season and would not be wanting to rent/loan during their peak program season.

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Any of the ranges, climbing tower, and lakefront equipment are available for a fee if you're at camp outside of summer camp season.  You can rent and use off site cross country skis or canoes depending on season.


Neither council nor district own a derby track, but plenty of packs do and they get loaned out.

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