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BSA Program Planning web article jumps the rails

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22 hours ago, Thunderbird said:

@Eagledad What kinds of themes does your troop typically come up with?  Are they activity based (backpacking, climbing, canoeing, etc.) or something else (Scout Law, holidays)?

Mostly the adventure outdoor themes including rappelling, shooting sports and water sports. The PLC once did a space theme where they did some pretty cool physics and space ship stuff. That was 20 years ago, so I dont remember specifics. But I was super impressed because the Scouts did it all, research and activities. We also did a few troop night camporees and a Trooporee with 3 other troops. Those are a lot of work for a boy run program because the boys are in-charge with adults assisting. 

Be creative and bring ideas to the table. As I said, we included adult suggestions to push out the envelope of fun ideas. 

Also, merit badges can give ideas. The PLC planned an auto mechanics theme one year. The boys are to young to drive, but they all like cars. They found enough classic car owners to have a classic car show at one meeting. 


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