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I just registered for Wood Badge in the next Council over from me Course C1-286-15. (much closer drive than the one that will be held next summer in my council). Can anyone give me any tips to prep

So, this happened while the site suffered its blow to the head   

Always think about tickets .... but don't worry about it that much. You have a long time for those.   When you are there, participate ... AND keep your eyes open and watch everything. I'd been

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Expect to be challenged in your preconceptions about what Scouting is.   Expect to learn some,  get reminded some and   share your experience some.  Expect a couple of "aha!" moments.     Expect to laugh and sing some, and  find out that it is possible (!) to camp without kids.

Bring extra rope, duct tape, a funny hat, aluminum foil, a note book (non electric) and  your filled out vision statement.  Expect a little rain (not much.  Don't you think good weather is boring?  ;-)   ).

Expect to see corny skits, meaningful SMMinutes, and  at least one other  person's  vision for our youth.

 Expect to have some of your expectations not met.  Expect to come away refreshed, confused,  energized, recommitted to the Scouting Ideal, and  ready to rewrite ALL your tickets  because, your Patrol Guide's encouragement not withstanding , none of them are "good enough". but they will be , trust me.  


Good Scouting to you!

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Here we are, 8 months after first Starting this discussion and I am closing in on completing my ticket!  I have 4 completed, with the 5th to be in the works starting Monday.  Troop elections are coming up, and we (scoutmaster and I) have heard from scouts they they are interested in becoming Den Chiefs (my final ticket goal is incorporating DC's into my pack).  Once the elections happen and the boys get trained, we are set!  been a stressful journey that's for sure, but it is definitely one I'm glad I took!




I used to be a Fox!

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I have Wood Badge Starting in two weeks as well. Some of my friends are on staff, and my Troops Scoutmaster and I are going through the course together. Should be fun. 



Good luck and have fun to both you and Baggss

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Finished weekend one.


I'm enjoying the company of people who love Scouting as much as I do. While I am an Eagle and NYLT trained, a lot of the course material isn't new, but refreshing it is allowing me to re sharpen the blade so to speak. If anything Woodbadge has challenged me to reevaluate my troops progress over the last few years, and what I should be looking at and doing going forward.


"I used to be a Buffalo..."

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