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Alright everyone, we've had similar things before. What do for a living, rank, etc


Now, I want everybody to talk about their other hobbies related or nonrelated to Scouting. I'll start:


--Computer especially web design

--football, baseball, and basketball-playing all of these sports

--Cardinal Baseball--"It is definitly a baseball town"


--camping, hiking, etc

--rock climbing

--bike riding


--Army Rangers

--military in general




Alright, your turn.

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Computers - anything to do with them but web design mostly



Basketball - playing & coaching

Soccer - playing & coaching

Sound Systems

Anything to help my church

Music (a rock n roll nut)


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10


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I love my work and I rank it #2, after my family, but I also like some other things:

Hiking and backpacking,

Playing and listening to music,



Wooden boat design/construction,

Sailing, running whitewater,



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I have enjoyed collecting Scout fiction over the years. I started with buying Scout books and then focused on the Percy K. Fitzhugh collection, Pee Wee Harris, etc. I loved Boys Life as a Scout and Pee Wee was the first character I read each month. So, I have collected some BL and other BL related items. I also collect neckerchief slides and have a few from Whittlin Jim and I even try making one every so often.


I grew up working with tools and later taught woodworking in a Junior High school for a time. Most of the students were much better woodworkers than I will be, a fact I have accepted. I was trained as a counselor and the students I taught had various problems. I believe I was able to help some of them redirect their efforts in life through working with wood.


I enjoy writing and thinking and writing. I honed some of my skills writing Haiku. I love to read about cowboys and have read most of Louis Lamoure. I saved a few to just sit in the coffee house with my back to the wall and read. I gave up regular for decaf, so some of the books may have to wait. I collected a few albums from my era of the 60s. I enjoy going to garage sales and finding treasures. My wife inserts the letter 'b' in the middle of the type of sales I like so much. I enjoy live auctions but have frequented ebay.


As a rehabilitation counselor, I have been writing in my spare time about test interpretation, application of the results and collecting related data to assist in program planning. I am also writing about the transition from high school to the world of work. Lastly, I am writing about my experiences as a Scout.


My two year old son rode my back the other day while I was hammering nails into molding in the bathroom. He appears to be my real hobby and I am not sure what I am teaching him. Fuzzy Bear


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Lately, a stage for my church play. Beside that, it's just been home repairs. From 7th grade thru 12th grade I spent most of my school days in woodshop. Most recently, I have built valences for my home, a loft bed for my daughter & a computer desk. How about you?


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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My hobbies:


Quilting -- I really love making something from nothing and fabric seems to bend to my will and the infinite possibilities inherent in each project intrigue me.


Sewing garments for my wife. I don't do it as often as I should, but when she ends up wearing something that fits her (I customize the patterns to her measurements) and someone asks her where she got it (because they want one just like it) I glow a little at her response: "My husband made it for me." Of course, no one asks her where she got those silk pajamas . . .


Along the "something from nothing" end . . . I make lead/tin miniatures, mostly chess sets, and paint them just like your Grandfather did in his youth. Check out www.castings.com if you're interested. It's a neat hobby.


I also enjoy golf. I'm not good at it, but you know the line from Tin Cup . . .


When all else fails, I like reading Clancy, Cussler, King, Historical fiction, and anything to do with the Titanic.



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