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The actions by the IRS staff may have not been proper but can we at least accept the premise that hundreds of small mom and pop PACs popping up in a relatively short time period is a cause for concern and warrants some scrutiny ? The potential for criminal abuse by these types of organizations is huge. Or are we supposed to just assume if you associate yourself with the Tea Party all is good.
While it's pretty clear you are a liberal Ding Dong, you can at least have the intellectual honesty to recognize that conservative groups were given an anal probe by the IRS, the likes of which was not being applied to those on the other side of the government-control spectrum. Plus your "logic" makes no sense unless "grandmas" as a class raise suspicion, in which case searching each and every "grandma" would be a parallel, which is not the case.
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On the other hand, though their methods may have been inappropriate, the IRS may not have been wrong.




The IRS was STILL wrong to target those and ignore left-wing similar activities. It does NOT become OK just because it is left of the aisle.

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