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BSA contact to send thoughts on new potential policy

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It's not the office, it is the service desk and that is where they have setup a phone bank to take a survey. Your on and off in a matter of seconds.


If you want to write a long rationale, use the email.




Remember a Scout is courteous.(This message has been edited by bnelon44)

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I really hope they don't think they are going to get any valid results from their "survey." They are going to get a self-selected group, and the percentage of Scouters who actually know the "survey" is taking place is probably very, very small. They are also likely to get a higher percentage of people who are upset about the proposed change.


And, what exactly is the question (or questions) in the survey?

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BSA has changed the way it is getting feedback. Please do not use the phone number any longer.


Feedback link is on the site: http://www.scouting.org


I do agree with those saying it is probably more cathartic for those who want to express an opinion than will actually be used to decide anything. Too many outside groups organizing call-ins.



The way the BSA is now getting feedback about the program from the field is with Voice of the Scout. They send a survey to those with valid email accounts in ScoutNET twice a year.


More on Voice of the Scout is here:



Voice of the Scout last year did indicate a 50/50 split among those who commented on "constitutional issues."


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