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We've just started a Venturing Crew: Do these things we're doing follow BSA regulation?

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Just reading this thread, rather than skimming it. My apologies to OGE for not answering his direct question to me.


No, they can not earn the Bronze Award as Boy Scouts. The award must be earned by registered Venturers.


I believe SPL is truly a youth.


To answer the question asked in the title of the thread, "We just started a Venturing Crew: Do these things we're doing follow BSA regulation?" The answer is, not all of it.



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Well, some things of ours have changed since the last time I actually posted about the uniform.


Our uniform is going to be a golf shirt that is dark green and gray, leather Boy Scout Belts, khaki pants, blacks socks, and a bed Beret if you earned it in Boy Scouts.


Girls will be let in if any wish to join, we do have a female Crew Advisor.


I'll mention the Bronze Award to my Scoutmaster, but since I am registered as a Venturer, I don't think he going to take it away from us who have already earned it.


Also, we will meet once a month, and take lots of hih-adventure camp-out. I sat down with my SM and we taked about one day taking us Venturers to the beginning of the Mississippi River and canoe down to our part of the Mississippi. Its just a goal, but we hope to acheive it someday.


Question: If you were to get the green Venturer shirt for your class A, would you have to get the pants, belt, socks, hat, etc. or could you leave the rest the same as the Boy Scout. (Save money)


I heard somewhere that if you had the official Venturer Class A shirt, you had to have the official Venturer etc. True or False?

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It is not advised (I am not sure if it is against policy, but in addition to looking dumb, it is NOT advised) to wear the green Venturing shirt with the rest of the regular boy scout uniform. You should seperate yourself from the actual troop.


If you are going to wear the offical green Venturing shirt and dont feel like buying the grey shorts/pants and other items of the Venturing Uniform, then your crew should vote on what you will wear your green shirt with. Our crew wears the green shirts with kakhi pants. Another crew in our council wear the green shirts with heavy duty black cargo pants. Each crew has the autonomy to make uniforming decisions.

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The recommended Venturing uniform is the kelly green Venturing shirt, grey Venturing pants, grey Veturing socks, and the Venturing belt. Notice it says recommends. Since it's not required, you may mix and match your uniform as long as you stay within the guidelines (if you so choose to have one) and there's no rule that says you cannot wear the olive green pants with the green shirt, however it's recommended by national that you don't.


Personally, I prefer the dark grey Dickies cellphone pocket pants. I think they look better and costs 50% less. You can by two pairs for the cost of one pair of Venturing pants and have a higher quality pants made. Even better, they're double kneed and the crease down the front of the pants lasts a long time. I've had the same pair of pants for 4 years and it still looks new and I take it backpacking all the tme. Try that with BSA quality pants that will burn a blackhole in your wallet... I thought Scouting taught us to be "thrifty."


My crew also chose a black leather belt to go along with the pewter Venturing belt buckle, black socks, and a custom embroidered grey Venturing baseball cap.


Unfortunately, my crew folded this year, but I'll still be wearing my uniform according to my crew.


Happy Venturing,



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